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BIG Hug!

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Momma kitty and her boy hugging on the recliner. Sleeping peacefully for the moment..
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Awwwwww!! Thats so precious!
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Awwwwwwww it is so very precious!
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What a beautiful, touching photograph - one of those moments that are so precious
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Awwwwwww, so cute!!!
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oh heck........... so cute, those eyes are scrunched up tight, they are just soooo..oo...oo happy
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This time it is bean and baby doing the cuddling. A rather "serious" portrait!
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Those pics are the epitome of kitty sweeeeeeetness! Aah where my insulin?!! Just kidding... I love em!!

Oh and I realised something... Your momma kitty and her son look almost exactly alike, except that the kitty son has more white on his face, and that's exactly the same as my momma cat Cassie and her son Wukong!!
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awww! that is soo sweet!
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That is so sweet!
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I love the kitty hugs.. my boys do it all the time
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They look so sweet together
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