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Need info Please

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Hello ,I adopted a Himalayan about 2 months ago,His name is Catfish, (his name when I got him ) lol.He is Siamese color.and weighs 10 and a half pounds. He has been neutered and declawed on all 4 paws. He had a cold in his eye when I got him. but have had him to the vet 3 times scents then for respitory infection and cold in his eye again. Now he acts like he is so stiff he cant hardly get around. I have checked his feet and legs and cant find anything wrong. Then thought with him being so heavy that when he jumps off of things he may have just stoved his self up . but he has been like this for 3 days. he is still eating and drinking and going to the litter box as usual.Taking him back the vet Monday. Are these kind of cats prone to illness? You could tell he had been mistreated in the past, he would scurry out of the room when you entered or would dart under the couch at just a little noise. For the past 3 days he acts like nothing scares him and he lays on the couch up against me and lays their except to go eat and drink and go to the litter box. I do have a kitten Mitts that is really rowdy, I thought maybe he is doing that to get away from her. Would really love all the input I can get.
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I'm sorry your cat is not feeling well. Thank you for taking Catfish to the vet. It could be so many things, it's impossible to guess but cats to get arthritis like people do. I know it's an expense, but I really think it important that Catfish goes back to see the vet. Best of luck to both of you !
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Took catfish to the vet this morning and he has arthritis.We don't know how old he realy is but the vet said he was no spring chicken lol.He is moving around alot better. And feelling better.Just wondering if a warm bath would help too? or should i waite until he is getting around better?
Thanks for the info
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When my Fred got arthritis as he got older, I would wrap a heating pad in towels and let him lay on it for a little while every day. It seemed to make him feel better, and might be a more tolerable option for Catfish than a bath. Fred also took over my foam pillow that is shaped to support a person's neck and shoulders. Good for you for adopting an older kitty.
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Thanks for the info.I will try the heating pad. I keep a throw on the couch just for him well it used to be mine but now it is his lol. I just fell in love with him when i saw him. he is getting more loveable everyday.I have posted pics of catfish and mittz too.
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There is a cat bed made with a reflecting fabric that will retain the cat's body warmth and reflect it back to him. You might try this instead of a heating pad to avoid problems.
Warmth is very good for an arthritic kitty but never give him aspirin!
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You might also ask the vet about glucosamine supplements, like Cosequin or Synovi granules, that can help the joints. Most of them come in a powder form that can be mixed in the food. At some point, look into having a senior panel (bloodwork) done so that you have a baseline for the future as Catfish gets older--older cats are prone to some diseases that can be treatable if caught early.

My Odo (the siamesey boy in my signature) is about 14 years old (the vet's best guess). These older kitties are wonderful, and they can be so happy to have a home.
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Unfortunately arthritis is common on older cats who have been declawed at some point in their life. Who in the world would four-paw declaw a Himalayan? They are one of the more docile cat breeds

At any rate, buy him a heated cat bed, or a heated pet blanket so he can have warmth. Also check out this website. I have had great luck in this product with one of my special needs cats, she can't walk correctly due to past abuse- Since I have been adding this to her water, she now runs over to see when I enter the room.

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I will sure give the reflective bed a try. I really hate it that he is declawed cause he cant play like Mittz my other cat. The best he can do is lay on the mouse at the end of the string And his feet are so sensitive he wont let me touch them at all. I will check out that website.
I had the senior panel done on him when i got him,Vet said everything looked good. I enjoy both of my cats but mittz is so hyper (she is still a kitten)i caught her hanging from the middle of my bedroom curtain all the way at the top and was leaning back looking at me lol. was so cute but now i have holes and snairs all over the curtains lol.Catfish is just so layed back he watches her run threw the house.
I want to thank you all for your input and i just want to say i have never been to a better place where the people are so friendly and egar to help i am so glad i found you all.
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My older kitty was diagnosed with arthritis last year. I've been giving her Cosequin and she's like a totally different cat this year, even in the colder weather! She runs around like a much younger kitty! I've also invested in one of those reflective heat pads, but she doesn't like to lay ON it. She'll lay on the floor with her head on it, but she won't lay ON it! LOL So, I put her little bed on top of it and it helps retain the heat. I also got her a pet heating pad and she LOVES that, especially when it's really cold. I did have to put a towel over it as she won't lay on top of it (she doesn't like the feel of it) but she still snuggles in her bed every night with it.

Here's a link to the reflective heat bed and to the heating pad:



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Thanks i will check those sites out.
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