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My sister is bringing her cats!!

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She is coming next weekend for about a week and bringing both her cats.
One (the senior) has been here before and I am not worried at that one. She has however a 1.5 yr old male (neutered) who I'm sure will have an "interesting" time with my youngest (about 2.5 yrs) and our alpha female who is 7 yrs. Her younger cat is larger than any of mine (ok perhaps the same weight as Grizzly)
She is arriving very late at night too. We could confine for the night in the bedroom with a litterbox but the later that day may be interesting.
I have Feliway but any tips so everyone gets along would be great.
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Oh sorry Gail I have no tips..Just wanted to wish you luck
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I would think the easiest and smartest thing to do for a weekend visit is to her confine her cats to a room for the weekend. It's too short a time to do the introductions properly. And then you will be able to relax rather than be on the alert for issues with the cats.
But I would confine your cats for a bit and let your sister's cats roam a bit - get their smells spread around for future visits.
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If she's only coming for a weekend she should be able to leave the cats at her own house with food and water. A neighbour watching would be good but if that is not available, the cat should be fine on their own.

If she won't consider simply not bringing them at all, you must keep them in one room, away from your own cats. It's too short a time for them to socialize and there could be a very busy weekend for the humans just keeping the cats quiet.

Really, it's not necessary to travel with them for only two days. It's far less stressful to leave them at home with food, water, and multiple litter boxes.
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I agree, if she's only coming for a week its far better to keep her cats confined to her room and not intermingle with yours and upset both her cats and your cats.

Cats are NOT like dogs, that will socialize faster (in a day). Most cats take more then a week to get used to a stranger cat. So for peace in the house, keep her cats confined to her room! Especially with all the holiday stuff going on.

Very few cats are able to walk in a strange place and be comfortable from the min they get out of the carrier. My first cat, Mitten was an extremely social cat and able to walk into anyone's house and be comfortable with other cats from the minute he was let out of the carrier. I showed him in a few shows and many times would stay over at a show friends house. I'd bring Mitten in, let him out and he'd fit right in - no hissing, growling, etc.

But he was the exception - no other cat (tho Spooky, my rex was pretty adaptable) I've owned could do that.

BTW you guys misread - her sister is coming next weedend but STAYING for a week!
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I'm gonna speak up here: I am the sister who brings her cat (not Gail's sister, but I bring Zissou home with me to my sister's house).

Zissou has stayed there many times, once for a month. When I bring her, the other cats recognize her and though one of them hisses a little at first, he's usually fine by the second day. Her and the other one curl up together for a nap within an hour of arrival.

She's never spent the night alone, and I don't intend to start now. However, her and the boys are well acquainted and have been since she was about three months old and wasn't particularly offensive to the territory.

I know they remember each other from the last visit.

But I agree with other posters, if this is the one time that your sister is bringing the cats, better to keep them confined a few days.
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I agree with everyone else about your sister keeping her cats confined to a bedroom. Since she's only there for a week I wouldn't risk upsetting the apple cart by making introductions that may end up causing stress to one or more of the cats.
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Her senior cat needs daily meds that is why she feels better bringing him than dealing with a pet sitter back home. He will be fine-the other well a week is a long time to confine to a room-I'll figure it out when she arrives!!
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