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Someone should PAY for this....

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How DARE someone defile Garfield?????

Jan, this is in your state. Go git 'em!!!!
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Gasp!!! Horrors!! This is such a vile act against a native Hoosier!

I think it was done by a non-Hoosier.
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Yes... it was me... you know how their is such a fierce rivalry between us Buckeyes and you Hoosiers Haha!

Poor Garfield though.

Recalls a case here where someone stole the GIANT inflatable turtle that floated above the flea market. That same mile of highway now bestows upon us a large extremely anatomically correct horse and a skyscraping statue of Jesus. ( no, that picture is not photoshopped, thats really a 60-some-odd statue of Jesus by the side of the highway)

Hopefully they find Garfields head before the same horrible fate befalls yall.
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That is horrible!!! How can anyone defile one of Indiana's icons! I'm only half joking here though.. I love Garfield. I think who ever did it should be banned from the state. Marion is just a little over a half hour north of the city where Jim Davis lives (and just 45 minutes south of me ).

Edited to say that I recently drove by that Solid Rock Church on my way to King's Island. It was a sight to behold. We wanted to get a picture of it- it was just so funny.
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[quote=Zissou'sMom;1475928]Yes... it was me... you know how their is such a fierce rivalry between us Buckeyes and you Hoosiers Haha!

I'm a buckeye also and DH is a Hoosier Were good no issues at all lol
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What is all this Hoosier/Buckeye talk?
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For that small statue? What a rip.......
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
What is all this Hoosier/Buckeye talk?
Ah, of course... if you're not a Midwesterner in America, you probably have no idea what we're even talking about

Buckeyes are people from Ohio, Hoosiers are people from Indiana.
Buckeye is our state tree in Ohio (and also even more specifically the name of people who attend Ohio State University and the name of our sports teams... and a really good candy meant to look like the nuts of the buckeye tree)
Hoosier, I think, started out as derogatory nickname but is now used as a term of endearment. I haven't the foggiest what it means though. Anyone?
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There are several theories to the Hoosier name. The one I always heard was it is from "Who's there?" - yelled out the door whenever you heard someone yell at your cabin -"Halloooo!".

You answer or get a shotgun pointed at you.
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I'd say that Odie has finally had enough of being pushed around
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And the Buckeyes here will probably like this logo...

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Now THAT'S a trophy-sized head, if I ever saw one
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I say, replace the head and hot-wire the that too mean??
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