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Love it when Animal Cruelty is taken seriously

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I'm posting this in IMO because it is rather disturbing. But I wanted to congratulate the prosecutors for taking the issue seriously.

Fish ends up in disposal; ex ends up arrested
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Wow...if the woman really cared about her Betta, rock on!

It must have been horrific to watch.
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Good for the prosecutors for taking this so seriously! It so easily could have been swept under the carpet and minimalized as so many animal cruelty cases are.

I love this quote from the prosecutors, as it really does show what this act was all about:

"You have to look at it as an act of domestic violence," said deputy district attorney Diane Balkin. She handles many of Denver's animal cruelty prosecutions.

"It's really almost a stereotypical case, when abuse of an animal is involved. It's to control and intimidate a victim and force them into compliance. What better way to do that than to take something they care about, rather than something that could be replaced?"

Think of it this way...this woman may have only been allowed to have a fish as a pet due to landlord restrictions and such. What if he had done this to a dog or a cat? There would be no question that this was animal cruelty done to intimidate and torture the woman.
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A friend's wife (soon to be ex) got tired of taking care of his fish while he was at basic training and dumped drain cleaner in the tank - a large salt water tank!
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I agree Heidi! Sure you can buy a Betta fish for $5-10 at your local pet shop, and a fish seems replaceable.

However, you can also buy a hamster for $5-10 and that can be replaceable. Different types of bonds for different types of people.

If he threw a fish down the garbage disposal after B&E, what other kinds of animals would he through down a garbage disposal??
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Awwwwww, the poor fish. Cruelty is cruelty. That is awful, I'm glad he got some punishment.
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That is definitely animal cruelty! Of course the fish felt pain, this is so horrible! People don't seem to realize that just because a pet cost "only" $5 it does not make its life worth any less. Does the "free to good home" kitty not deserve the same as our own kitties?

Not criticizing anyone here! Just the attitude that some people have that a "cheap" pet is some how worthless
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