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Sudden Aggression in Female

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Help! Our 2 year old female feral suddenly is very aggressive towards me. She will not let me touch her, she hisses and growls at me. She will also not sleep with me... I'm very concerned in this sudden change. Nothing in our home has changed in any way prior to this. This has occurred for the past two days. She is also not eating as well as she was. She appears to be afraid of me , and will urinate when I try to pet her. We have always been so close, and she would even follow me all around the house to always be with me...now she seems to really dislike me. Please, can anyone offer suggestions as to what could be the problem? Thank you!
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Mimi - kitty needs to go to the Vet. With this sudden change in her behavior and odd peeing, she most likely has something physical going on.

Is she an outside/inside kitty? If so, perhaps something out there happened to her?
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I agree with Debra, mimiD- Kitty is due for a pretty quick vet visit. Probably feeling a bit punky right now and a vet could find out what is wrong for you. When cats begin to act out like this, it is how they try to get our attention and they are saying. Something is not right inside of me, now fix me! They have a way of masking pain very successfully, their wild ancestors have learned that showing pain makes them vulnerable on the food chain, so they try not to show it. Please get kitty to the vet as quickly as possible. Good luck!
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Thank you Debra and Hissy. I shall call the vet tomorrow am. She is not acting as badly towards my husband and son, however if she's trying to tell me something, I attribute that to her always being the closest to me. She is an indoor kitty...she's never been out. Also, she has been spayed so it's not hormonal. At this point, I'm giving her "space", and trtying not to make too much eye contact. Is that the right thing to do for now? Kind of like, I'll let her come to me if she wants to and not to push myself on her. Thank you both again!
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I think that is a good idea - and please let us know what the Vet has to say about your babe!
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