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Weird places for cats to sleep

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Do you ever find your cat sleeping in a weird places? I find my cats sleeping in the most unexpected places, a lot. So here is my list of odd sleeping places; I hope some more people will add on to this:
[*] The sink[*] The computer table[*] In the middle of the hallway[*] The bathtub[*] The TRASH! (Yes, gross, but once I found my little Mickey in there. We were trying to find him, and I was calling for him. Suddenly I heard a little purr, coming from the trash! Thank god there was nothing in there.)

So, what kind of weird places do your cats sleep?
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Right on top of my back!! LOL
Or sometimes in the tub
or on my head if I would let him....LOL
He also fell asleep in the dryer once...on top of the warm clothes....the door was open.
In cold weather he wants to sleep right on top of the heater vents.
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i once found my cat Kenya asleep in the litter box she's kinda the " smelly one " as she likes to take her time in the litter box - rolling around! *yuck*

hmm.. yes, the sink is another spot, i think it's incredibly cute... and the bath tub

also, clothes hampers, the highest shelf they can find, Kenya likes to sleep on my chest & on my back! - if i'm sleeping under blankets on my bed, boxes, on top of the t.v.

i'm sure there's many more, but that's all i can think of at the moment

Welcome to the CatSite Chris it's always nice to
see new "faces"

hope you stick around


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is the darn dish-drainer! He has done so since he was a kitten. Makes it hard to wash dishes sometimes...

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oh right! and the dryer!
they love to sleep on the warm clothes
and get all their cat hairs all over everything!
i hate it though because i'm always afraid i'll close
the door on one of them - which i have in the past
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Hahaha, those are some funny places to sleep!!!

That reminds me of a few more...
[*] On me (I have a bad cold, and my cat almost seemed to sense it, because this morning I woke up to find her sleeping on me, purring! Almost like she was worried about me...)
[*] In the bathroom, about 5 ft up, we have a storage area for towels. Mick LOVES sleeping there....
[*] On top of anything high - stacks of paper, towels, etc...

BTW, thanks for the welcome, Blue.
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Buried in the clean laundry
In my potted Norfolk pine tree
On the pillow right next to my head
The sink
In any cardboard box.

They are weird, but I love them!
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Wow, now another place that I must add to my list... MY BED!!!

I just opened the sheets to my bed to get ready for bed, and went to go btush my teeth. 5 minutes later I get back, and there's Kiwi, flopped over in my bed. I don't have the heart to move her, and I will let her enjoy it for a while. That's why I am up now. :o
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The sink and the top of the kitchen cabinets and the top of the fridge.

Hissy - that picture is awsome!
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I just want to make everyone aware of something. Although it is cute for a cat to sleep in the dryer, it's also dangerous. One of our staff writers threw a load of clothes into the dryer. Little did he know that when he turned his back, his cat jumped in. I don't have to tell you what happened. It was not pretty and...no, the cat didn't survive. PLEASE, it only takes a second, CHECK YOUR DRYER BEFORE CLOSING THE DOOR AND TURNING IT ON!!

Always keep the door closed just in case.
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I always do check my dryer before I turn it on, but thanks for the warning.
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i always check too, after just closing the door once -
i didnt turn the dryer on - thank God, but, my cat sure
freaked out and let me know in a hurry

that is so sad, how easily our cats can get hurt or worse
if we arent very careful.
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LOL...those are some pretty funny places!! Opie loves to come in the bedroom first thing in the morning...lets out one of those purrmeows...ya know, the ones that sound like they're talking (which any catperson knows they are)wakes me up because he climbs on my chest and gives me the cutest greeting...he kisses my nose and lips...rubs his cute little face on mine. That's my que to say "what are hands for Opie" LOL...they're for rubbing his ears and head! When he's had enough...he'll then sleep right on top of my head...All of my cats have the strangest places...Sharky loves boxes, the more important the contents...he'll find the box. BrownBrown, seems to like to sleep spread eagle in the flower box??? I don't get that one...Elvis...well, he enjoys a nice cool tub. Ninya, we can always find her in the back of any closet...the more junk...she's in that closet. Job..he's my feral...honestly, that cat is "GOOD"...I have no idea!!! I love that picture Hissy! Whew...thanks for listening!

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We love listening to you Catarina!!
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today i walked into my room and found my " fat cat " asleep
on top of my computer - i dont know how she fit herself up
there without falling off or sliding down, but she managed

come to think of it, for her age, i am starting to worry
that she is too overweight - she is only 1 1/2 years old...
i think it's just her " make-up " but, i wonder if it is a health concern. think i should take her in?
i think i just might, you cant be too sure, and maybe her diet is all wrong for her.

i hope i am not feeding her the wrong cat food(s)
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Keeping your kitty nice and trim will definitely prolong her life. No kitties that I know of are genetically predisposed to be overweight. They need to be fit for "hunting". She can be just as happy a cat without those extra pounds, and an exercise session with her will help you bond. I'm sure the vet will give you good advice about her diet. Good luck!
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Any clothes that are not promptly put away are the favorite places for my cats to sleep.....especially black clothes. Once while I was packing for a trip one of my cats crawled into the suitcase and curled up on top of the clothes to sleep. Trixie used to like to crawl under the pillows of my bed to sleep. Sometimes when I turned down the covers at night I found a surprise...a little white kitty under the pillow!
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thanks for your reply, she's going in to see the vet next
week, i'll let you know what they say
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Opie was angry with me last nite...I guess I kept pushing him off the bed or something...This morning he was sleeping on my head....well, I guess that's a good a place as any.

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Bagpuss sleeps on my head when I am asleep....she gets onto my pillow curls herself around my head and puts her head usually on my head or cheek.

She also sleeps on my shoe rack among my shoes.

Jake on the other hand has taken to sleeping in the bathroom sink. He is getting rather large for it so now he takes ages arranging himself so that he is comfortable.

When it is time for me to sleep he has to sleep right next to me with his head on the pillow laying on his back with his legs spread eagled, and sometimes he snores really really loud!!!

The both lurve plastic bags and when I come home from groccery shopping they both get into a bag each (they have to be next to each other) and they both fall asleep. Jake normally takes the one with the kitty food I think he thinks he is protecting it!
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Hi Amanda...

I don't think we've met before! Welcome to this most divine site Your kitties so darling... and please post some pics when you get a chance...I'd love one in particular to see Jake spread eagle! Too bad we can't include a wav file with the postings to hear that snore of his...how adorable.

God's Blessings to All
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