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ATTN: Canadian TCS members...

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I have a favor to ask you all...My friend from NY is being transferred for work to Pointe-Claire Quebec and is in need of a reasonably priced apt. for one. She does not have a work visa to travel there yet but is expected there on January 24th. Consequently she cannot go ahead of time and knows nothing of the area and where it is safe to live. So far her company has not been very helpful, and she's getting very nervous. So if any of you know anything about this area please let me know. Thanks
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I live in Ottawa but I have quite a few freinds in Quebec I will ask around for you.
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Thank you I appreciate that...She is from Russia and has been here 5 years and her company was too late in applying for her 2007 work visa So she has to move to Canada till October.
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while i'm wating to hear from some friends Here is a great web page search that she can try. I'm not sure of what she is looking for spacifically but you can put in the price range number of bedrooms etc

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Sorry Helen, I am like 10 hours away from there...but if you have any friends moving to London, I will be happy to help
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One of my interns is from Quebec, I have sent her an email to ask.
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Thanks guys, I so appreciate this I am worried for her!
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I would also help if I could, but I am a couple provinces over. Sorry. Sending good vibes for your friend!
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Having grown up in that area, I can tell you this much. Pointe-Claire is a suburb (about 30 miles or so to the west) of Montreal. All the West Island is pleasant, reasonably safe, has good shopping and amenities, so the determining factors in her search for accommodation will be availability/cost. Obviously, since I'm now at a considerable distance, I know nothing of the current rental market, but if normal patterns hold, housing will be less expensive there than in town. I'll also drop an email to my brother who still lives in the Montreal area, a few communities to the east. He may have some suggestions.
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...email from my brother this morning:

"Have her start with:




"Both newspapers have online classifieds and have apartments listed. This
will give her an initial 'feel' for how much / little is available and what the
costs are.

"I imagine she will have a car - she can't expect to find something next door
to where she will be working. That said, communities like Lachine, Dorval,
DDO [Dollard des Ormeaux*], Pointe Claire, Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Baie d'Urfe, Ste Annes [Ste Anne de Bellevue*], Pierrefonds and Roxboro would all qualify."

[*the proper names, in case you see those names rather than the Montrealer shorthand in Pete's message.]

I knew he'd come through. Good luck to your friend. Let us know how things go.
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Thank you so much for that, I will forward this on to her!
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