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Comes the morning

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I was up this morning before the tribe, so I did some slinking around the house with the camera. I wasn't sneaky enough to catch anyone asleep, but I did find most of them still in their places

From the back deck.....

This is Trace Tumblebrutus favorite place to sleep, because a new, never used bottle brush attached to the shelf gives him a place to scratch when he wakes up...so he can sleep in without having to go find his scratcher

"Well, why not?? I'm spicy!!"

"Forever the kitten" Blondie Rumpleteaser goes to see her adopted mom, Turvy Demeter, for a wash to start the day!

"Mischief and Sassy; sittin on a tree......"

"Hey!! Isn't it time for breakfast?? The food is in here!!"

"You guys can do all that 'togetherness' you want...it means I have the bed to myself"

"Ahhhh...it's cold outside, but already sunny and warm right here"

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What a lovely way to wake up. Your tribe is adorable. I wake to screaming and fighting every morning.
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What beautiful pics of your beautiful family I love the brush added to Trace's bed for a good morning scratch.
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Awwwwwwwwww, what a beautiful tribe you have
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Aren't they all sweet But little Trace is an extra special little boy because of his 3 legs
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Awwwwww, thank you everybody. The kits are my favorite photo subjects. It's kind of funny. Before digital cameras came about, I took less than 200 pictures my entire life. Then, 3 years ago I got a digital camera, and my pics folders has over 4000 pictures in it, over half of them cats
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They are so adorable.
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What beautiful babies you have, it must be so nice to be surrounded by all those very sweet faces!
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those are great Mike!!! (and the comments are pretty genious too!)

what a beautiful horizon! and I love the "mischeif & sassy" pic....
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