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Diabetes Breakthrough ??? !!!

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Doctors in Canada injected the active ingredient of chili peppers into the pancreases of diabete mice. They were trying to see if it would help with pain transmitters to relieve the symptoms of diabetes. They were shocked when it cured their diabetes.

My friend, a Type 1 diabetic is married to a chef. Her response to this: let me apply Habanera membraines directly to his pancrease and rid him of this disease!

The implications of this are enormous and I really hope that they take this science to humans very quickly. First mice, then humans.....perhaps they can apply this to cats??

Mods - I didn't post this in IMO as I didn't see any controversy in it. Move it if you feel you need to.
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Wow, that would be amazing!! I have never heard of this on he news yet..I hope that is real, that would be a real breakthrough.
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I've been hearing about chili's/peppers and the benefits for years. I don't know about Type 1 but I've been hearing it about Type 2. Actually they say you get benefit just from cooking and eating them. Cinnamon is another beneficial spice. Not only is it touted to help type 2 diabetes but it also helps to keep cholesterol in check. And is beneficial in weight loss. I was diagnosed with Type 2 maybe 3 years ago and have been using these things for a couple years. I've made other lifestyle changes but that is where it started. My last several HA1C tests have been in the completely normal range, I've lost about 60 llbs and my total cholesterol is below 200 now. Also gone off 1 heart medication and 2 blood pressure meds and the last one has been cut in half. Probably be able to go off that by summer. AND... my doctor is leaning toward calling me diabetes free!
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I saw that yesterday and am thrilled.

As a nurse who works a great deal with renal failure patients, I have seen the debilitating affects that this disease has on people. Manitoba also has a high rate of diabetes because it's a very common disease among Aboriginal (Native American) perople.

I can't wait for them to start clinical trials on people. The potential for this is huge. If it has even a 10% cure rate, that will be magnificant!!!
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Wow! I hope it works on humans as it does mice! It is so hard to find food for diabetic people its crazy! EVERYTHING seems to have sugar and a bunch of carbs.

also, I don't see a controversy with chili peppers
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Well I hope and pray that this research does help the type one diabetes.

My hubby has it, he's brittle and goes low while sleeping. I can't tell you how many times I have awoken to the involuntary movements (spasms) that are the precursor of going into a comatose stage. His main problem is not wanting to or forgetting to eat a snack before bed(I just wish I could stop snacking before bed!)

Over the years the lows have gotten worse, and I am a shift worker about to go on my six months of graveyards. I worry what I will find when I get home, and fear I will be a young widow.
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This is amazing. I just forwarded the article to my parents, brother, and sister. My father is an insulin dependent diabetic, and has been for as long as I can remember. Just the other day my mom called me telling me that my dad had waited too long to eat and had sent himself into shock... He's fine now, but the idea behind this treatment is really wonderful news.

Thanks for this thread!
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
Thanks for this thread!
Thanks to my husband who found it and shared it with me. I hadn't heard of it at all and really wanted to share this with folks.
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Yeah I read about it in the newspaper. It won't be long now before we have a cure for diabetes. After scientists figure out how to cure humans, they will start trying to find one for animals.
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that would be awesome, my husband has diabetes type 2 and while he is controlling it great with diet and meds, I would be elated for him to be "cured"
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