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Could have been killed tonight thanks to some moron

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I had such a horrible scare tonight!! We had just left one of my best friend's weddings at her home out in the country, a 10 minute drive from our home. We were on a blacktop country road....and there are alot of hills...when suddenly this big truck came barreling up over the hill, in the middle of the road. Hubby immediately slowed down, thinking he would see us and get over on his side, but no...he started veering off TOWARDS us!!!!! We think he must have been drinking! He was coming straight at us!!!! Here we are with me and hubby in the front, and Amber in her car seat in the back, and my 12 year old stepson in the back as well. We could have all been killed!!! My heart leaped into my throat, and hubby quickly turned the wheel so we were almost in the ditch....we were clear off the road, and finally this moron pulled his truck over and sped past us!!! He barely missed us!!!!!

My husband said if he had to of driven any further off to the side of the road, our tires would have dropped into the ditch and we would have rolled the car, because the ditch was so deep. And he said if the truck would have hit us, as fast as he was going it would have went right through us.

I wanted him to turn the car around and follow this moron because I was going to say some nasty things to him and tell him how we had a 3 week old baby in the car and he could have killed us all!!! But He wouldn't follow him. I wish I knew who he was....I would have called him and told him off!!!!!!!!!

That was just so scary!!!!!!!!!
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I am glad Brent did not follow that guy. It could of been a lot more dangerous if he had. I am glad he put you and Amber's safety first. I am also really glad that you are okay. I would rather have you angry then hurt! It's too bad you didn't get the guy's license number, but in the dark that would of been difficult. Just thank goodness the jeep didn't roll!

How did your singing go?
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Looks like you guardian angel earned her bonus, tonight. I'm glad that you're all OK.
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Glad you are ok Debby!!
My MIL has a great saying,
" Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly "
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That was a very close call! God was certainly watching over you all.
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That was certainly a close call. Glad you are all okay.

It really ticks me off that people continue to drink and drive. What other reason was there for him/her to be driving like that? This time, he and your family were lucky. Next time, it may not end this way. But.....I agree wholeheartedly with Hissy. Not following him was the best decision. You just never know who's behind the wheel and what they are capable of doing if you chase them. Since none of you were hurt, it was the right choice.

My husband is a fireman and he was just called out to the scene of an accident 2 nights ago. Only one vehicle involved. The driver was soooooo drunk that when the car missed a turn, the front wheel hit the gravel and once he landed in the grass, the wheels somehow dug into the ground and his car literally flew across a driveway (no skidmarks are apparent anywhere). He landed in the bushes up against the front porch of a lady in town here. It woke her up (wonder why ) and when she came outside, he was just wandering around as if nothing had happened. I cringe at the thought of what could have, if there had been people out at that time (2am). *sigh* I doubt we'll never get the "If you drink, don't drive" message into these ignorant peoples heads!!

Daniela, I love that saying! I will remember that.
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Soooo scary! I am glad everyone is ok. I was involved in a minor accident when Anthony was a baby in the carseat, and I was pregnant with Allie. It scares the life out of you.
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Debby! Thank God you're alive. The driver was either asleep or drunk. Either way he shouldn't have been on the road. It's a shame the law is so lenient with drunk drivers. If they spent time in jail the first time instead of paying a fine, they might straighten themselves out. Those who serve drunks should be prosecuted also. Unfortunately, the legislators (and many citizens) have had a few too many themselves-- and have driven, and don't want the law to apply to themselves or their families. Until it hits home they won't realize how important it is to make these laws tougher. This problem has to be hit from all sides!
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I am glad you and your family are safe & nothing happened to you!
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I am so glad everyone is ok and I know how scary these drunk drivers are!! When I was 8 months pregnant with my son, my husband and I were also forced off the road by a drunk driver.

This is what happened to us: We were driving along on a divided highway when we noticed a car in the ditch in the middle of the two sides of highway. We thought the car had been abandonded(sp?) but when we got really close to the car, it suddenly backed out of the ditch really fast. My husband had to drive completely off the road to avoid being hit and we came very close to having our car roll down an embankment. Once this drunk driver was back on the road, he sped off going down the wrong side of the highway. I was so scared I was shaking badly for about half an hour afterward.

Daniela, I really like that saying too.
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Debby-I am so glad that you and your family are OK. You must have been so scared for your stepson and for little Amber. I still don't understand why people still drink and drive. The only thing that will is happen is that they will likely end up dead or in an accident and kill some innocent people.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I think that anyone who drinks and drives should die. It serves them right for doing something stupid and endangering the lives of other innocent people.
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My step dads brother died from drinking and driving. He was at his parents 50 anniversary and him and his wife exchanged some words so off he goes. He is driving after drinking to much falls alseep at the wheel and crashes. He died on impact. can you imagine? what a way to end your anniversary..
Debby, I agree, I'm glad Brent didn't turn around, I am also VERY glad nothing happened to you all, except for getting the life scared out of you. I am exteremly glad you all are ok..
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Sarah, Many drunk drivers do die at the wheel. Unfortunately, many of them are teenagers on the way home from the prom. When they die, they usually take a car filled with young people with them. We have to realize that alcohol is a drug, most often the drug of choice for teens. I'm not suggesting prohibition, by no means. It failed the first time! But we need to be far more strict when punishing drunk drivers and those who serve them, whether they be parents or bartenders. Almost every family has a loved one who thinks he or she is perfectly capable of driving after a few drinks. We have to change that perception, not kill "Uncle Joe" or our teenaged kids. In other words, prevention. Many people I know have driven home after a party where they drank enough to fail a sobriety test. They all think they're in perfect control.
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I know it is probably a good thing we didn't follow him/her...but since we were out in such a rural area, I figured it was someone who didn't live too far away, and doubt they would have done anything to us, but yet, you never know. Since we were only about a mile from home when this happened, I am still keeping my eyes open for that truck in the area...but I will never know for sure if it is the same one or not. it wasn't dark yet, but they were going way too fast to get a plate number or even see who was behind the wheel. It's probably the same moron who hit our dog and won't tell us...because I am sure someone has hit her...she wouldn't wander off.

Daniela, I just saw that saying on a key chain Friday. I should go back and buy it!!
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Yikes!! Debby that would frighten the life outta me too!!! Just so glad to hear you are all ok..... and I really hope your doggie hasn't been hit...
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Goodness, how scary. I'm glad you all are OK, though.
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Oh Debby, I'm so glad you all are okay. I have always believed in Angels and this is proof
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