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Cars (the movie)

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What did you guys think of this movie if you saw it???? I only just saw it for the first time and loved it!! DH is away, so I got out movies I wanted to watch tonight and got Over the Hedge and Cars.

Over the Hedge was just ok, but Cars was awesome! I absolutely love all Pixar movies, and this one had mixed reviews which is why I hadn't seen it yet but it was great Fun storyline, has a nice message without being preachy and gave me plenty of giggles. All in all a big

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I love, love, love cars! I bought it the day it came out. I've already watched it about ten times!
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A friend was raving about this movie, so we bought it, and we all agreed it was just O.K. It seemed kind of long.

Cheers, from
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I loved this movie and my 3.5 year old LOVED this movie! We got this movie for my son for christmas shhhhh! LOL
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Cars was ok. My wife and I saw it with a friend when it came out in the theater. It was good, but maybe not quite as good as it was hyped up to be, the same with Over the Hedge. The last Pixar movie I saw that I REALLY liked was the Invicibles. Cars didn't leave me with "We gotta buy that when it comes out!"
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"My name is Mater... Like TA-Mater without the Ta"

I LOOVE this movie! So does Deacon. I got him anything and everything I could find with Lightning McQueen on it!
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I thought it was kind of boring. My boyfriend LOVED it though. Everytime he sees something in the store from it hes like CAAAARS like a little kid.
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It just came in last night from Netflix, but I haven't watched it yet....I'll let ya' know
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