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I need help breaking my kittens of biting me r/o

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I have two male kittens both under a year old around 8 months old I would say. Lately they both started biting me...I think either to be fed or for me to play with them in the middle of the night. I am sure they know I don't like it so they do it. they don't do it to my husband only to me! One of my cats has been doing that for a long time when we play but the older one hasn't done it at all until I changed their food so I am thinking he just wants to be fed again in the middle of the night.

Any thoughts? What can I do? I am scared of them when they bite me . I know that is silly but they pick up on it.

both are really good & loving cats. These are my first cats so I am new to all this.

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act like an alpha cat. Hiss at the cat and it will figure it out.
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thank you.

they are really sweet cats and both are real loving. I just think they want attention or fed. at least they aren't biting me hard or antyhing.
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First of all do NOT pull away - that makes them want to bite harder or claw because the "prey" is escaping. Best thing to do is hold still and limp and tell them NO in a loud/mean voice.

Also when they bite, try hissing at them - that's cat language for stopping/go away.
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I agree with the previous posts. Also try blowing a little puff of air at their face (purse your lips and blow) if they don't respond to either the NO or the hiss.
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I have to agree about the alpha cat thing. My wifes cat will sometimes bite her when she doesn't want to be petted anymore.

Her cat does not bite me because she perceives me as the alpha cat in the household. Of course, it helps that I a pretty big person. She only bit me once, and I got in her face and growled and stared her down. The bite did make me bleed a bit, so it wasn't just a playbite. But, she never did it again.

Also, if they are kittens they will play bite. You will know the difference between a cat who is angry and a cat who is just playing around because an angry can can do a WHOLE LOT of damage to your skin, and real quick too.
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Thanks so much for all the help. I think it is just playful biting and a form of loving on me. They have never broke my skin.

I really appreciate all the help. I love this place!
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My cats play bite, too. They are littermates that grew up together so they taught each other what really hurts. But they will sometimes grab my hand or a finger with their paws and put it in their mouths. Lightly biting down, but not biting hard in any way.
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Benson does get rough at times. I hiss at him and praise him when he just nibbles. Sometimes I get a lick too
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play bites though will turn into harder bites. I've taught the cats that any biting is not ok. Don't jerk away because it will make the bite worse. You'll probably break skin by pulling away. I know I did the first time cause I was startled.
I hissed or told him NO and then i would just stop playing with him and he knew that if he bit me, no more playing...same for scratching.
Sephie used to give me love bites on my face all the time. It's cute but they will start biting harder and harder.
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hissing and saying stop or no in real loud voice works. along with putting them down.
the kitten now knows what stop means, and will stop biting me, and lets go. I had to put him back in his bedroom a few times. before he got the messages. now a loud STOP, and he does

the older cats still bite and nibble but they have not let a mark on me in ages,(minus me forgetting to trim that back claws) and i play rough with them.
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