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bad dreams???

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I have a 8 mo old kitten I have has since she was 6 weeks old (as well as 4 older cats) and when we got her we knew she was gunna be a bit of a problem as she was raised without a mother (she was found in a box with her sibs at less than a week old) she is normaly a bit standoffish and untill lately very good about nighttime... but the last month or so she randomly wakes me up at random hrs of the night and needs a bit of petting be for she will tuck down and sleep with my older female cat .. I was wondering how I can help her ... or stop her from waking me .. I love her and all .. but 2 and 3 times a night for a few pets .. is getting too much.
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Have you tried just pretending you are still sleeping? Ignoring her until she stops?
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Cats are active at night. They want you to be, too.

Playing with her just before bedtime with interactive toys should tire her out. If not, she should be encouraged to play with the other cat.
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i agree with the ignoring. if you pet her she will continue to wake you up. She needs to know that at night she has to occupy herself.
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