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Howdy, Ya'll !

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I almost feel like this post should go in the "newcomer's" section. . .

Everyone in our corner of the world is doing okay - healthy and active. We awoke this morning to a little craft project that someone started last night. Mac says Grace did it and, of course, Grace just pointed her tail right back at Mac indicating he'd been responsible. They won't tell me if they were trying to make snow for Christmas or confetti for New Year's, but several rolls of toilet paper stored in the linen closet were utilized in a very un-conventional way.

Emma is her beautiful, shy self. She's become more vocal lately and has this way that she tickles me early in the morning by pawing my ears letting me know that there's no kibble in the bowl. She's due for her yearly check up at the vet but I keep putting off making the appointment because I know what a big, fat hairy ordeal it usually is getting her in the carrier. We'll go in January after I'm sure that our medical insurance coverage has been paid up.

The only other weird thing that happened over the summer concerned Grace. In July, Grace went into heat. We felt this was a remarkable occurance since she'd had a visit to the "Neuter Scooter" before coming to live with us. We rode the first cycle out - about 10 days - with the help of foam ear plugs. She had a very musical voice, by the way. When she started up again in August we went to the vet. He did some sort of test that involved an injection of hormone and then a follow-up visit a week later for blood work. The test indicated that a small bit of ovarian tissue was present somewhere. Apparently it re-attached after a year and a half and started "doing its thing". Curiously, Grace has been silent ever since. Maybe two trips to the vet in seven days did the trick, or maybe that shot of hormone, who knows?

Other news. . . My husband got the promotion he'd been waiting five years for and is now the Sales Manager at our local Olive Garden. My 13 year old son is in the process of pre-registering for HIGH SCHOOL!! I'm still stuck in my basement office, but I did get a beta two months ago to keep me company. I named him Leopoldo.

I hope to get back in the habit of visiting everyone on a more regular basis.

Happy Holidays!
Emma's Friend
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Hi there! It sure does seem like a long time since you've been around! Hopefully you can come around more often now!

Great to have you back
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Hey, Amie!! Seems like it's been forever since we've talked!
Okay, it was back in October...
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Welcome back Amie! I knew I recognized that user name!
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