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Baby Kitty Pictures of Berkley

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Here is our sweet little kitty Berkley when she was a tiny kitten...
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Here is another one with Berkley and Steven. This is her first night at home with us. The small box top in the background is her first little litter box She couldn't eat the first day so Steven had to come home at lunch and feed her at lunchtime with a baby kitty bottle. Finally, she ate canned tuna and then eventually kitten food. She is our little sweetheart
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oops here's the picture
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So tiny!!!!! That first pic would be great for the Caption This forum. If you want, attach it to an email and send it to anne@thecatsite.com

Don't forget you user name.
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She's sooooo furry!!!!!


Thanks for sharing!
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So cute! Thank-you for sharing these pictures with us.

It reminds me of Alf, when he first came to live with us - he was too tiny to climb over the top of the litter tray, so we had to make him a cut-down version. No, we weren't cruel, as we also adopted his mother, Kali, who was still feeding him
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What a little cutie-pie! Thanks for sharing that adorable little baby with us.
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Found another pic...
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Oooo Oooo Oooo what a tiny little DOT......

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That last pic just made me giggle. Such a little mug on her! Cuteness overload!!!!!
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I am curious...what does Berkley weigh?
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Oh my goodness, she was so tiny! She's adorable :tounge2:
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Coco Maui - I couldn't resist. Hopefully this won't happen to Berkley...LOLOL!!!!!
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Then Berkley weighed about 5 ounces. She was the runt of the litter. She grew up to be a small cat too! She is a little over 2 years old now and is still a small cat. Here is a recent pic of her.

Kim-Are those real pics of your kitty above???
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Your baby is adorable to the max!!!!!!!

kimward34 LMAO that's a bit like my Harry! very clever!
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Coco Maui - Yes, I must confess, my baby GoGo is a BIG Orange boy....My vet told me that if he doesn't gain anymore weight, he'll be fine...(He's 18 lbs) - Thank goodness he loves chasing Spot in the cat enclosure that we built . The activity should be good for him. (We never say the word "Fat" around GoGo...he's sensitive) ROTFL!!

Bundylee - You have a giant Boy, too???? BTW, how are the kids?? I want that little tabby sooooooooooo bad.....sniff, sniff!!!
I can't stand it!! JUST ONE MORE KITTY!!! That's all....just one.

Check this out...My friend Debbie in Ft.Lauderdale sent me a picture of her cat, BIG SPOT...
(I attached a picture of my little Spot to her picture… )

These cats live over 200 hundred miles apart and are not related...but don't they look SO related? The BIG Spot is a 26 pounder...my little Spot weighs 16 pounds...Whew! The weight difference is hilarious!
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LOLkimward34 WOW!!!!!! That is so cool!! Haven't you seen the Getting to know Harry pics???? I have taken more photos of the kittens cause they are 1 week old today so about to post that up shortly. I must say the Tabby is my fav too. Even though all are superb of course!!!
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Oh my Goodness !! Such a tiny weenie little thing ! Absolutely adorable . Thanks for the pics.
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