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Skin disorder

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My 9 year old male has a skin disorder on his chest which I just noticed today. He is behaving and eating normally, maybe sleeping a little longer than usual. There seems to be some pus oozing out and the smell is bad. I dabbed some peroxide on it and he did not react to any pain. Any idea what it could be? Thanks!

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Sweety your cat needs to see a vet. Peroxide should not be used unless it is diluted, as it can burn the skin. If there is pus or an odor, your baby needs to go to the vet, it seems it is infected. If an infection is not treated it can get into the bloodstream.
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That is no disorder, that is an abcess that has burst, it is very infected and possibly needs to have a drain put in.
Stop the peroxide as it should never be used on deep wounds.
Get him to the vet ASAP, in the mean time, do not let it scab over, take a clean washcloth every few hours and soak the abcess with warm water to keep it open.
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Vet ASAP and I too say NO peroxide
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Vet ASAP and I too say NO peroxide
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Thanks all

Took him to the vet and had abcess removed, drain tube inserted. The incision and tube are 4-5" long!

Is $300 for the surgery (2 days stay) and blood tests reasonable?

Any hints how to administer the anti-biotic drops?
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Thank you for getting him to the vet

To administer the meds. Just fill the dropper to the required amount, slide it between his lips on the side oh his mouth and squirt. He doesnt even have to have an open mouth, just between his lips. Good luck and please keep us updated with his recovery.
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I found the best way to administer the meds was to drip it on to wet cat food. The other methods did not work as he just went wild. He is fully recovered now and back to his annoying self! We no longer allow him outside after dark.

Thanks again.
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SOrry I dont know what that is, but as I was reading the other responses I read that u cant put peroxide on cats skin!???

FELINE ACNE: poor Zion has little black heads on the bottom of his chin. Dr. said to put peroxide on it to clease the area..Ive been doing it for a week.
you think it hurt him??
ps: it is not an open wound
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Only just saw this thread, but wanted to say thank goodness he is now ok! That looked fairly nasty, I'm really glad that you got him to a vet and got some treatment for him I'm no expert by any means but it looked like the result of a bite wound or similar that got infected and formed an abscess, I am glad to hear you are keeping him in at night, there are just too many dangers out there! Is he neutered?
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