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FIRST-Ever Catsite.com Contest Coming Soon...... - Page 2

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Second hint.......involves rescue work both the prize and one of the contests.
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Is it one of those thermal/heated snugglers?
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Ring the winning bell- Sabra guessed!

I think due to the nervousness in the air right now, any more suspense is not a good idea. The prize is indeed a thermal heated SnuggleMe Kitty. You can read about this wonderful product here:

Snuggle Me

I have two colors here, orange and gray, so the first contest winner will be able to choose what color they want.

There will be an ad for this company appearing on The Catsite very soon and while it is running, the owner has said she will grant a 10% discount for her products IF you mention this website during the order. So you might want to hold off if you are thinking of buying one right now. The ad will be appearing next month.

Thanks for playing the riddle game, it was fun, but now at least some of the suspense has ended.

Way to go Sabra! You did good!
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YAY!!!!! I never give the *winning* answer.
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Way to go Sabra!
You done did GOOD! hahahaha
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I wasn't aware of this product before, it's neat!! I probably won't win either contest, (being realistic) so I'll think about getting Snowball one of these for Christmas! It looks like something he'd enjoy!
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Congrats sabra on guessing correctly!! i think these products are just adorable!!! I bet Amber would even like one when she is a little older...they say on their site that they are good for older people or children as well who have trouble sleeping.
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The snuggle me's are wonderful! everyone who comes to my house wants to cuddle and pet my kitty's snugglepet and they're amazed when they can hear and feel the 'heartbeat'!
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thanks for the endorsement! It is all I can do to not rip off the package and sample these for myself........ But, I have great restraint! LOL
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What a wonderful price for someone who I'm sure deserves it!
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Oh - and BTW, I have to say, for such wonderful, caring people, you moderators all seem to have a wicked streak! LOL! :tounge2:
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Don't we though?! LOL
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What?? Not us??!! :laughing:
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Not all of us, just Hissy!
:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Oh boy Oh boy Oh boyOh boy Oh boy - can't wait!

This sounds like fun!
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Me neither! I was never very good at being patient!
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I am too excited about the contest. And so is Jedi! HE will be the one who gets the snuggler if I were fortunate enough to win. But I love the thought of contests and competitions. Great idea!
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