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FIRST-Ever Catsite.com Contest Coming Soon......

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Hey Everybody,

Thanks to a gracious offer from a Cat-related business.

The Catsite.com is pleased to announce that coming soon, will be two separate contests open to all members of The Catsite.com

There will be one Prize Winner for each contest.

Each contest is distinctly different in style, and the prize is guaranteed to put a smile on the Winner's Face!:lips:

Stay tuned for more details.......

Hmmm now what could this prize possibly be?

I wonder???????
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Bump again! I happen to have first hand knowledge that the winners will be VERY pleased! So put on your thinking caps and ask your kitties if they could know what it is!:tounge2: :tounge2:
They won't tell you though!
It is a secret!
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I know!! I know!! But it is absolute top secret confidential information, and If I tell you then I would have to kill you!!! :laughing: Even the FBI is in the dark on this one!!! :LOL:
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Would that be the Feline Bureau of Investigation?
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I like that!!!! Good one!
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Gee, can't wait - I love competitions! :tounge2:

One question though, will those of us outside of the US be able to claim prizes? I get all excited and enter competitions on the net only to discover at the end of the entry process that I'm ineligible because I live in Australia

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Well...If we're supposed to guess what the prize is I'm going to say it's cat furniture.
Snowball would really like that...
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I think everyone will love the prizes!!! They are fantastic.

But SHHHHHHHHH, we can't spill the beans
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Lisa - don't worry! You can enter this one!
FBI - that is hysterical!

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Anyone who is a member here can enter both contests. There will be more announced toward the end of the month. I will say, the first contest will run the entire month of October and the second contest will run the entire month of November. If you win, since I have both prizes in my possession- they arrived yesterday. I pity whoever would try to stop me mailing this prize right to your front door!
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bumpity bump
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Now I'm really excited! Let the competition begin!

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Wow! This is a GREAT idea! I love surprises and contests. My guess would be the same as Lories...some kind of cat furniture or something for the prize.
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Hmmm.... what could it be, what could it be???
I am all a tingle with anticipation!!!!
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Bump again.
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Can we have a teensy clue?
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Now I'm more curious about the contest. What will the contest involve?
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One contest will involve the luck of the draw, but in order to have that luck another website will be involved.

The second contest is geared more towards having to use some thought, draw on life's experience that you might of had, and offer your talent for three impartial judges to view. If you are a winner to this contest, your work will be presented to this whole eclectic group for them to view as well.
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Good hints Hissy! You didn't give away too much, unlike me I would've spilled the beans!!

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Oh, I'm so excited. This sounds so neat!!!!
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come on! spill it! Inquiring minds want to know! LOL!
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Can I participate, even though I'm not of "legal age"? (I'm 16.)
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It's killing you all, isn't it! evil laugh here.......

(My understanding is that the contests are open to all active members of TCS!)
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It's really cold in Oregon right now! Not only a statement of fact, but an actual hint.........hmmmmmmmmmm what could it be????
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a heater??? or an a/c unit?
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Before these guesses get to wild (or would that be feral? ) The prizes are both the same, just a different color. They are specifically for the care of cats, and don't weigh very much. If you care to take a try at guessing and you guess correctly, I will PM you and give your the url for the website to see the products for yourself and ask that you not let the cat out of the bag.

Are we having fun yet, or do I just need to go hide my head somewhere?

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Is it some type of heated cat bed?
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Another bump here! These are all such good guesses by the way! Keep guessing, though!
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