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Need help from my creative TCS friends

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Would love to have your assistance/ideas. You guys are all so creative I know you'll be able to help me come up with something.
My mom has been looking for a centerpiece for her kitchen table for Christmas. We've got tons of family coming over and she wanted a little something to complete it. So I saw this idea in a magazine and thought it was cute. It was a small Christmas tree in the middle of the table with sugar cookies hanging from it like decorations with pretty ribbon. I thought it was so cute and perfect! So I decided to give it a try, but here's the thing. My mom's house is very victorian and her Christmas colors are Burgandy, Gold, and White. So I have the tree (green) and it's in a cute gold pot. I'm going to bake the Sugar cookies (which will be tanish - or the "gold") and I'm going to hang them with burgandy ribbon, but I was trying to think of something round and burgandy in color that's edible to add to the tree so it's not just cookies. The cookies are going to be in the shape of small stars.
Was hoping you guys might be able to think of something. My daughter thought of cherries - which are burgandy and would be perfect, but cherries on a tree? just hanging there? I'm not too sure about that so I'm lookin for other idea.
Thanks guys!!!
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Apples or pomegranites?
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These aren't round, but you could tie little burgandy ribbons on the branches.

Cheers, from

p.s. I like the cherries idea.
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dare I mention nuts ..................or pinecone shapes .......different shape leaves would be nice.......or........little bunches of grapes.............
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how about lifesavers candy???
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You're looking for something else edible so the cherry idea sounds good. Fresh bings with stems suitable for a ribbon or whatever. You know, some rafia would fit right in with that color scheme. But then, I like rafia on everything. That's a great idea you have. Sounds lovely.
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From the Breakup..
i asked for 12 lemons...for a 12 lemon centerpiece and you brought me 3!!
ok enough!
Do apples...Pinecones..cinnamon and holly!
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Originally Posted by EricaNicole View Post
Do apples...Pinecones..cinnamon and holly!
Cinnamon sticks tied with burgandy ribbon!
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Gumsdrops threaded onto dental floss??? Or craisins threaded onto dental floss???
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Oh the craisins or gumdrops would be good to make garland with like you do with popcorn! That would be very pretty!
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Good ideas! Can you post a pic for us after you make it? It sounds neat!
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Burgundy colored ribbon candy on a hook???
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Cranberries would string up nicely. They wouldn't exactly be edible in their raw state, but the birds would probably enjoy them afterwards.
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Oh my goodness. I just got home and now I've got tons of ideas here. I knew you guys would come through. You're all so creative. Thank you so much. I like a lot of these ideas, problem is the tree is small (suppose to be a centerpiece) so I can't use all the ideas. I'll pass them by the kids and see what we come up with. When I get to the point of actually putting it together I'll try to remember pictures. (It won't be till close to Christmas though - I go to my mom's Christmas Eve).
So many ideas......thanks guys! you're the best!!!
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