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Need help picking a cat

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I am trying to find a breed that I like, but I am having some trouble.

I remember that my father had a cat, it had pretty long legs, short hair, and a really square jaw. His face resembled the shape of a tiger. I would like to get something like this. Something that looks very close to a large cat. Colour is not that big of an issue. Thanks for any input.
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Hi again ! oh so you are thinking about a pedigree........ well a lot of the rescue centres do take in breeds as well as the moggies have you any centres local to you ? If you called in, I am sure they´d be more than happy to guide you around and show you some great cats just waiting for you to come along
We have some other members that live in Canada, I realise its a BIG place, but I am sure they can put you in the right direction !

Its sounds like you want a tabby cat, as you know they are stripey just like tigers oh and the orange tabbies are such cuties if you check out the Fur Picture Forum, I am sure you´ll see a "type" that will take your heart

Do keep us posted
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Hey there, welcome to TCS

I prefer good ol DSH breed, and tortie colouring of course
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I'm not sure which breed you're talking about. You may want to post in the breeder's forum and see if they can help you. If you're not necessarily looking for a particular breed, but a particular look, you may be able to find someone you bond with at one of your local shelters or rescues. Start visiting them & see who adopts you! You might be surprised who catches your fancy.
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Welcome Artq!

Glad you found TheCatSite. You've definitely come to the right place for Cat 101!

Sounds like your dad's cat could have been a domestic shorthair tabby -- a lot of these handsome striped cats look a lot like tigers! My Samuda and Sahra do (see our siggy)...and, when you adopt a domestic shorthair rather than a "purebred", you are doing a wonderful thing in saving a life!

I've lived with, loved, rescued, and advocated for cats all my life -- almost all of "my" cats have been rescued from neighborhoods I've lived in, except for two who came to me when a dear friend took her own life. Rescue is the greatest feeling, and if you look at cats in your neighborhood (on the street, in a sanctuary or shelter, or at the local Animal Care & Control) you'll see that there are a lot who resemble tigers, and that no matter what kind or color, they are ALL really handsome and fine. Sure hope you can rescue someone like this, and look forward to hearing all about him or her (or better still, THEM! Two cats, or more, make great friends and keep each other company when you're away at work, school, or whatever...)
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!........Again my friend....)

For me, the white cats are my prefered.........I hope can you find some kitty that you really like and love!
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I suggest going to the local shelter and taking the one that you fall in love with. That is how I got my two furkids
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Dear Sibohan 2005:

WHAT A WONDERFUL SUGGESTION. Those are definitely words of wisdom! After all, EVERY CAT is a treasure -- and your two certainly prove it!
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