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Baby Boy needs some vibes

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Could you all possibly spare some vibes for Brandon? He has hives all over his poor little body . He was in the E.R. last night because they were getting worse. His little hands and feet are so swollen . The doc says they will probably last 7-10 days. We're giving him Benedryl and lots of fluids. Thankfully he doesn't seem too itchy. I slept on the couch with him last night with him on my chest. My poor little bean. Thanks everyone
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Awwwwww poor baby. I have had hives, too and shortly after taking Benadryl, there was zero itching. Sending many vibes out to your baby bean
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Awww.... to Brandon. Poor baby, hope he gets better before Santa comes...
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Oh yuck....give that little guy a big hug from me!
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Oh no...get better soon Brandon!
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Poor Brandon. Just try to sleep through it.

Do you know what caused the hives?
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Poor baby!
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What?! That gorgeous little man has hives? Poor Brandon! Lots of vibes that they go away FAST and that you find out what caused them so it never happens again! He's MUCH too handsome to have his complexion ruined by red spots!
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Oh, poor lamb. Get well soon vibes heading your way!
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Thanks so much everyone. Ya'll are so sweet to Brandon. We have no idea what caused the hives. Hopefully they are a one-time deal. I'll give him lots of hugs and kisses from everyone
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Poor little guy. Sending lots of "feel better" vibes for Brandon.
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awwwww Brandon - sending lots of love & hugs your way
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Aww! Poor widdle guy Yes he is in my thoughts. Let us know how he is doing, please.

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Awwww...poor little sweetie! sending lots of vibes your way, and calming vibes for Mom
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Poor little darling. Lotsa vibes for the wee guy -- hope his "itchies" are gone soon.
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Poor guy-what an experience he is having now. I hope he is feeling better and that both of you can get some sleep tonite.
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Oh pooor baby! I've broken out in hives several times. Most recently was 3 months before my wedding when I went on a medication for acne! I looked worse on the meds! It is awful feeling!
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Poor baby. Sending him lots of get well vibes.

Hope he feels better.
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Awww! Brandon I hope you feel better soon!!!!

I hate that feeling that your baby is hurting and you can't make it better right this minute!!!
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Sending lots of healthy healing vibes for Brandon..poor little kiddo.

My niece has chicken pox right now..they are all over her, even on her eyes!! Poor kids getting weird things on them
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Awww, poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon!
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Poor Brandon. Vibe-o-ramma for him!
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Oh no, poor Brandon! Lots of healing vibes coming his way.
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Many prayers that he gets feeling better SOON!!
Are they sure it's not chicken poxs?
Hives lasting 7 days, sounds way to long.
Even when I had the allergic reaction to Pistachios and had to be admited, they only lasted 2 days.
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Hoping Brandon is feeling better today, Laura.
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Poor little chap.
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Thanks everyone He is doing a little better today. He only woke up once last night, so I gave him some medicine and he slept until about 9:15 a.m. He's taking a nap right now. His hands and feet are a lot less swollen than they were yesterday. All of the great vibes are definitely helping him!! Thank you all so very much
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Oh Gosh I am just seeing this..poor little Brandon, glad to hear he's slightly better today, Sending good healthy vibes to your sweet boy
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I'm glad to hear that he's feeling slightly better!
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Lots of healthy vibes and hugs to Brandon.
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