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Radio question of the day: 12/15/06

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What is the one thing you would love to get for Christmas but know that it's not going to happen?
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A fireplace and a winning lottery ticket!
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A new computer with a digital camera and scanner and Gerard Butler.
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A new house!

Maybe next year....
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A house of my very own. Preferably with the mortgage already paid off, but I'll take just the house, thanks all the same.

I would also like my engagement ring, please. I've been engaged for two months now, and although the "placeholder" ring I have is very pretty, I want the one J designed especially for me. I feel guilty complaining, though, because the jeweller had a heart attack a few months ago and is really backlogged. But still ... I want my ring!!!

Oh, and I would like Clive Owen. Big red bow optional.
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A house. Hubby and I have never had a house so we want one but we can't buy one until around August when our lease is up.
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Ummm....I'm not sure because I really want a video camera and/or a new good digital camera, so DH and I are putting whatever money we get as gifts together to go toward something like that.

I guess other than that, I'm on the new house list!
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An extension of my Wall Street Journal subscription and the Le Creseut bistro pan that is a Williams Sonoma exclusive (the subscription renewal is cheaper)!!
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This is the first year when I'm not wishing for my own house, because we have it! So for everyone still wishing...check out your options, because we are definitely in a "Buyer's Market" phase in the economy (at least around here, and from what I'm hearing most places...)

I would like...that winning lottery ticket would be real nice. Trent Reznor, no bow (he would look horrible in a bow!), but the vinyl and latex he wore in the Closer video would be a nice touch.
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An engagement ring. I know I wont get it though because my boyfriend said that its not the kind of thing he will get me for Christmas.
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a two person hot tub for the upper deck.
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A new bike but that is $500 and that won't happen for sure!
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A cat tree!!


Get my car fixed
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An engagment ring .... I wish!!
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all my debts repaid
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Some peace in this family lol
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I just want everyone to be happy.

When they open their gifts I want them to be surprised and really like whatever it is.
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An Engagement Ring! luck i'll wind up with a cell phone charger or a cordless drill
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I saw a print last year of a little girl angel holding a kitten in her hand and kissing it on the nose.
I so wanted that last christmas but it was £95 and I thought it would be cheaper after christmas....I haven't seen it since
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