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Vibes for Damita?

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In the 11 months I've had her, she has never once been healthy. Currently, she is being treated for ringworm, however, she was getting sick from the meds so we discontinued them for 3 days to see if she got better. She did & today I am going to talk to the vet about if we continue the same meds or go with another. Well, I went to check on her & her eyes & nose are weepy & she's weezing. I think she has a URI as well. Gosh, this cat doesn't need anything else. I'll be taking her to the vet soon.

Can you send some Damita get well vibes? We have to restart her ringworm treatment all over...wasted 15 days. What a rotten Christmas she'll have!
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Tons of get better soon vibes for sweet Damita Mae!
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oh the poor sweetie, lots of get well vibes for Damita and calming ones for you!!
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Poor baby. Sending lots of vibes for Damita.
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Please please get well... I will send you mommy a pm about what I just learned... it may help you..
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Good vibes for a sweet kitty who deserves to be healthy!!
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Ahhhhh Damita.... sweet get well {{{{ heading your way}}}}!!
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I hope Damita gets better soon! I'm sending vibes and prayers your way!
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More {{{get well soon}}}vibes for Damita. And hugs for her meowmy.
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Poor thing! I'm sending many vibes that she gets better VERY soon!!
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Poor Damita baby has been through so much in her young life.
I am sending lots of calm, healing vibes to you both.
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send lots of vibes to damita.

heidi & ashley
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Sending many vibes for sweet Damita
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Thanks for the vibes. Hopefully they'll of now she is still miserable. I had to put a bite of canned food way back in her mouth to get her to eat any at all....I did that so hopefully she got enough, but I think I'll get up about 3 am to feed her again.

The vet *thinks* it's a URI, but it's hard to tell. She's definately stuffy & miserable. He put her on Amoxi drops for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks he said I can re-start her ringworm Ketoconazole meds. I am going to put Conofite cream on her ringworm to see if it heals that way(should heal in 2-4 weeks, might as well as I have 3 weeks before I can re-start Keto). After her Amoxi drops treatment for the URI I am going to spend my christmas money on a complete blood workup.....her always being sick really worries me.

I feel so bad for her, but I snuggled her at 8am today & she was fine, I swear! When I snuggled her at 1pm, she was wheezy & weepy. I don't know how she got so sick so fast, but this isn't the work URI I've seen. Nobody else has it yet(knock on wood) & I don't know how she got it. She's always inside because she can't really see.
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