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Help please male cats

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I have 3 cats rani a spayed female, buddy a castrated male and bill a castrated male. All 3 are about 17 months old, I have had them since they where 9 weeks old, got all 3 together, and all 3 where real close, in till the males hit puberty and then started to fight each other.

I was told that castrating the males would settle them down and they would become friends again, however this has not worked and they are just as bad now as they where when they where entire.

Bill used to spray a bit when he was castrated but he no longer does this since being castrated, he also used to wander and was hardly ever home. Leaving just buddy and rani at home most of the time. All was fine, however as the weather has been real rotten bill has stopped going wandering and has been home if anything more than buddy.

He has really calmed down. However since he is now home all the time, buddy has started to wee in the house!

Last night I caught him , he casually walked up to me, squatted down right by my feet and had a long wee, then scraped at the carpet and ran off. This was also right in front of rani and bill.

I shouted at him while he was mid wee but it made no difference.
I was really shocked because none of the cats have ever toileted in the house. They don’t even use litter trays any more (not since they where around 6 months old) they use the garden.

Why do you think he has started to wee in the house!
I know he knows it is wrong, because the way he does it, he rushes it then runs off.
He has been checked over and it is not a urine infection and it is too much wee to be marking, also he is squatting to go to toilet. He only wees in the home, not done a poo. Could it be a territorial thing?

He and bill hate each other just as much as they did before they where castrated and are always fighting with each other, they don’t fight in front of me, always come in cut to shreds with each others fur under each others claws. Buddy is always chasing bill, and always starting the fights.

Funnily enough both boys will eat together and will even share a feed bowl and both will sit next to each other when on my lap. There behaviour is worse round rani.
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Get another litter box, cats can be picky about which (who's) they use. And if the neutering was recent, Buddy may just not be at the calm stage yet - it can take a while.
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my cats do not use litter trays!
they prefer to go outside, and even if i was to place some they refuse to use them.
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They refuse to use them because they don't know what they are. And obviously one of them isn't preferring to go outside just now!

About 85% of the time, pooing or peeing outside the litterbox (or not outside where they usually go) means they have a health problem. The first thing you should do is take Buddy to a vet to be examined. He may have a urinary tract infection, crystals, or any one of a number of problems that needs to be treated with medication or diet.

Secondly, in order to discourage Buddy peeing in the house, you MUST entirely eliminate the odor from where he has peed. The only thing that works is an enzyme cleaner. (Remember - clean to our nose is NOT necessarily clean to a kitty's nose!). Wherever he peed must be completely doused with the enzyme cleaner. If on carpet, it's got to be soaked through to the floor boards. After 10 or 15 mintues, blot up the excess, then place aluminum foil over the area and leave it for the few days that it will take to completely dry. (If it's on furniture, put aluminum foil over it and then place a blanket over that so you can continue to use the chair or couch or whatever).

Finally, if it's not a medical problem, you may want to consider getting litter boxes. They're not using them because they don't know what they're for as they're used to going outside. To change this, fill the litterboxes with a few inches of litter. Purchase organic potting soil that has no additives like fertilizer or other chemicals. Layer about 1/2" of this over the litter.

Do NOT use soil from outside to cover the litter - it may have parasites in it that you don't want in your house (or getting on your cats).

If Buddy is not sick, and then has the option of going in the house because you provide him a proper place to go, this may stop his inappropriate peeing.
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to clear a few things up here. my cats do know what litter trays are becasue as kittens they used them and where perfectly litter trained. then they just stopped using them, and gradually i was finding less and less pennys or poops in the many trays i had around the house. I still kept the trays out just in case, but then realised they where actually using the garden. When rani had a litter of kittens she actually taught her kittens hwo to use the litter tray, but still preffered to toilet out side. Once weaned from her kittens she used to run out to the garden to toilet then run back in again. her kittens used the tray perfectly on there own, and rani used to even cover up there poos if they had not done it properly.

i have tried to get the cats to use litter trays and apart from the odd wee now and again they are not intrested.

secondly buddy has been to a vet and has been tested for a UTI he got the all clear as well as having a look over to check he had nothign else wrong with him. thridly i am used to having young puppies and have a solution that emlinates the urine compleatly, i have laminate flooring and rugs , the rugs i lift up and have washed. the floor iswashed in the solution to get rid of the odor, somethign i knwo to work as it worked with the puppies.

Buddy is not going to the same place to wee over and over. he is randomly weeing roudn the house, usually when in frount of rani and billeye.
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This is a tough thing to fix once it starts. Try more litterboxes, or put garden dirt in one and bring it inside. Buy some Feliway plug ins and sprays. Keep in mind that next time you get kitties, be sure to alter them before they mature to prevent these problems from happening. Once a cat starts spraying it is hard to get them to stop. People usually tend to give up when most likely all they had to do was alter before maturity and spraying even begins. I can't think of any other suggestions other then what was already mentioned. Good luck!
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It sounds like Buddy is really threatened by Bill (even though he is doing the chasing) and that this has developed into a behavioral problem. This is a common problem when cats feel threatened in their home. I don't really know what to suggest other than feliway sprays and diffusers, which are apparently quite effective, and perhaps have a scour on the net for behavioural advice.
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