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pooping & peeing suddenly

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Ive got 3 cats ....2 males and 1 female....males have been neutered ....female hasnt been spayed yet and she is 8mnths old and they are 7mnths old.

yesterday i found poo on a beanbag....was a proper poo and today i had two towels drying on a chair and found a large pee stain on them where obviously one of them had done a pee pee

this has never happened except with Cleo but when she was a tiny kitten even then she only peed out of the tray a few times...the boys have always used the tray

a. i dont know which one it is
b. i dont know whats caused this sudden behaviour....nothing has changed...the food, surroundings etc everything is exactly the same

any ideas what may have caused this and whether it is the female or one of the males

hubby isnt happy and says if this continues he will not keep that cat as we live in rented places and we cant have cats peeing and pooping

any help wud be appreciated
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wow i was actually goign to post a similar thing.
Only in my case my 3 cats are about 17 months old, i have 2 castrated males and a spayed female and i know that it is one of my castrated males weeing in the house as he has doen it in front of me.
i have no idea why he is doing it other than the possibilty of it being a territorial thing
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If your female is starting to come into heat, the males, even though they are neutered, may be reacting to her.
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Unfortunately, peeing and pooping outside the box is often a sign of illness (about 85% of the time!). You need to figure out which kitty (or which kitties) are having the problem - or potentially take them all to the vet for a check up.

Also, in order to help prevent the problem from repeating itself, there are a number of things you can do.

1) You should have the female spayed no matter what - and as soon as possible. She's of the age where she should be coming into sexual maturity.

2) Whenever they pee or poop outside the box, you must clean the area with an enzyme cleaner. We use this: http://www.nokout.com. To be clean to our noses is NOT to be clean to a kitty nose. To eliminate kitty pee or poo, you must soak the whole area - if on carpet, it's got to be soaked down to the floor boards. After 10 minutes or so, blot up the excess. Then place aluminum foil over wherever it was and leave it there for a few days until it is completely dry.

Any clothes or towels or whatever must be washed. If you use the nokout product, you can add it to the wash as well.

Also - you refer to "the tray." If you have three cats, you ought to have four litterboxes. Three at a minimum. They should be kept very clean - scooped at least every day, and completely emptied and the boxes bleached each month and refilled with clean litter.

Sometimes kitties poo or pee outside the box to complain about the conditions of the box(es).
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when i said tray i meant 3....i have three trays that i scoop 3 times a day and clean once a week

anyway seems to be a freak thing as it hasnt been repeated thank god...

will have female spayed as soon as we have the money for it....we just had the boys done so dont have enuf money 2 do her yet but shud do soon hopefully

thanks for the advice all
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When did you spay the males?

If it was recently, they can still get the female pregnant. I'd look up a low cost spay program or contact your local shelter and get her taken care of at once. You won't like it when she starts 'calling'. Neutered or not, your males are going to respond. The results will be noisy and pungent.
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