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Daily Thread - December 15th - Happy Friday!

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It looks like Neet is slacking again, so I'll start the thread. I hope your back is a bit better today Neet! Will a kick help??

Yesterday was a very productive day! I finished my Christmas shopping except for one gift certificate. I am waiting for a few items to be delivered though Almost everything is wrapped. I finished most of my laundry yesterday, and cleaned most of the house.

Aaron took the day off today and will be doing his Christmas shopping (for me) this morning. We plan on going out to eat later and picking up the one gift certificate I need to get. I'm going to finish the laundry and cleaning while he is shopping. I do need to pay bills though

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, in the mid-50's with bright sun! Its supposed to be warm again today, but cloudy.

Have a great day!
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Good Morning! Its FRIDAY! This weekend will be busy. I have to finish Christmas shopping, grocery shop, and clean house. Not to mention the mountain of laundry i have to do. yuck!
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Good afternoon!
Sounds like you are going to have a lovely day Karen! I wonder what presents you will get!
Mark hasnt done any shopping yet!
I was out last night so Im feeling a little tired at work today so I may leave work early and go home and lie on the couch and catch up with some threads on here!
Tonight I am painting our spare room as the walls are finally prepared enough for the paint, what a nightmare it has been!
This weekend I have quite a few social events and then I am taking Monday off to finish my Christmas shopping!
Have a lovely weekend
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Lauren, we need pictures of some of your remodeling!
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Afternoon It's dull and windy here today, but i'm so pleased it's friday This time next week i'll be ready to leave work for 2 weeks

I'm popping down town again tonight on my way home because i want something to wear, but i know what i want and where to get it so it's not too bad.

Does anyone buy a new nightie or jammies for christmas eve?. I bought mine last night, along with a new fluffy dressing gown and i can't wait for next sunday I always get new fluffy slippers off my sister but i'll have to wait for those on christmas day
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Well, I am here. Better late than never. Geez Karen, maybe kick me a little harder next time, get me outta bed in time, okay?

Still home with a sore back today. It is some better, but I had extra days off work to burn so I'm resting it another day to be sure.
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Rejoice with me!!!! Lucky Landi has been found. My friend moved to Virginai Beach and lost Lucky about two weeks ago She found hiim yesterday.

He is home safe and sound. WHAT A WONDERFUL FRIDAY!!!
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I've been shopping, I had forgotten how much fun!!!! shopping is with a two year old.
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I laid in bed till 6:45 this morning instead of getting up at 6 am!!
Still tired from all that standing the last two days so I have postponed my walk until this afternoon.
Lots of picking up around the house to do. Have to order a couple more presents for Neil today as he finally told me what saw he wanted-hope its not to late for one of the gifts!!
Its warm for this time of year-about 38 right now but overcast.
TGIF everyone!!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Lauren, we need pictures of some of your remodeling!
Karen unfortunately all we wanted to do was paint the spare bedroom a different colour... It has not been that easy... The walls had layers of paper and paint and when we finally managed to get all the stuff off the walls (it took us days) the walls were in such a mess that we had to sand them down and plaster the majority of them. Some places even needed several coats of plaster... so we havent actually done anything different with it yet! There has been dust all over my house everynight
Im going to put the base coat on tonight and then see how the walls look under that. We may need to plaster parts again I am desperate to get this done in time for Christmas. However I know that we wont have time to buy furniture before then so I wont be able to have any visitors to stay over at Christmas time as previously planned
It has been a trying time!
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Lauren, you will quickly learn that nothing with a house is ever simple. You will always find something complicate it It will definitely be worth is when you are done, and the experience you get while taking care of this will help you with the next hurdle
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
1.-I do need to pay bills though
2.- Have a great day!
Hello Karen! ...
1.- that is the ugly part of the season... the bills
2.- you welcome my friend!......

Our friday is quite not special for us..........Gema has the office party today and should to go to work, so she going to be out all day......I miss her at home and Milky too..

But the good part is the weekend is for us alone! we try to do some task home and finish to put the Christmas ornaments......

Happpppy Friday!!!!

Have a nice weekend to all!!!!!!
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Good morning everyone!!

Well I have the day off today, but already got alot accomplished!! I woke up at 7am, went to the gym, had an awesome workout, I kicked my own butt!!

I then went to get the etest that my car failed again and now I am waiting for my sister to come get me as we are going shopping

Yay for FRIDAY!!
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good morning everyone! It's a busy day for me today. I am going to volunteer for awhile at my local animal shelter then I have to go to work and come home and I will hang out with the furbabies for awhile and go to bed since I have a busy day again tomorrow for the Santa Paws adoption event. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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