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hello everyone

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Hiya,well its been alot of months since i last posted on here,alot of you wont remember me. I have 3 cats lily, freda and wen i last posted id just got florrie. Iv got lots of pics to share which i will put up later. Some of you might remember that freda was quite ill when i last posted well shes still with us and shes such a little fighter,shes 17 or 18 years old now. Florrie has settled in ok although shes got a very bad habbit of drinking out of the tap even tho her water bowl is full lol. Of course my cats still fight alot but iv gotten used to it now,florrie is very playful and loves practicing pouncing on lily.
Well just thought id update on whats happening,i will post some pics in the pic area.
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Hi Janine, good to see you!

Glad to hear that Freda is doing okay! I look forward to seeing pictures of your new little one and of course, Lily!

Welcome Back!
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Of course i remember you Janine, how can i not forget a fellow " Geordie " girl

Rosie and Sophie love the running tap as well And that's great news about little Freda Stay in touch with us though!
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lol yeah i thought you might remember me! You dont see many geordies in here. Anyway its nice to be back,iv posted some pics in the fur pics only.
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Hi Janine. I am new so I havn't met you but welcome back.
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hey there!! Welcome back
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Hi and welcome back!!
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Welcome back Janine!!
nice to see you again around here!
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Hello and welcome back to you all
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