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My other Pets!

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I wanted to share with everyone, my other pets. So besides my 30 cats , I also have:

12 dogs
25 rescued rats
4 mice (got three of them pregnant from a feeder bin..all are due pretty soon)
1 turtle
2 Syrian hamsters
2 gerbils
1 African Dwarf frog
and Fish (2 comets, 1 pleco, and a betta)

Pictures! (I sure hope you all love pictures, because I post TONS of them)

Peanut, rescued Chihuahua/Rat terrier/Italian greyhound mix.

Lucy, rescued Chihuahua.

Rogaine. Rat (Agouti double rex dumbo)

Larry, rescued Manx Siamese rat.

Larry again

Wolverine.Rescued black hooded ratlette!

Wolverine again.

Asha (grey), Zoey (Above Asha), and Star (smallest black and white) (The larger black girl died recently ) Those are mice by the way.

Peanut, Charlotte (Jack Russel terrier/Rat terrier/Chihuahua mix), and Daggett (Miniature red dachshund).

Peanut and a pile of Dachshunds
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Daggett (the cat is Bubbles)

Moozilla, my male mouse

Einstein (Agouti rat)





Harry, my old and blind hairless rat


June, one of my gerbils

April, my other gerbil
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Cartman, Standard dapple red dachshund

Lucy in her little Spongebob sweater

Brad (dachshund mix), Reese (mini red dachshund) and Peanut




Rogaine's brother, Nair.


Lillian, my female Syrian hamster

Gunther, my male Syrian hamster..stuffing his pouches with bedding.
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My male betta, Finn, and his 10 gallon tank

Bjorn, cocker spaniel/Chihuahua mix,

Bradley again

lovable little Peanut again!


my two comet goldfish, Tickles and Moe.

More pictures to come!
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More of Bjorn:


Bob again (Mini red dachshund)



handsome Brad

A puppy picture of my oldest dog, Harrison. (10 year old Miniature red dachshund.

Harry sleeping

Harry fetching at the dog park
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Elliot (Standard red dachshund)

Daggett smiling

Bob, Daggett, and Reese

Lucy was a serious rescue dog. We got her off the street.. she was starving to death!!
Before pictures:

And after pictures:

Jannah wishes she were a cat

jannah in her princess dress

Pile of dogs

Peanut and Harry
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Jannah and Brad

Cartman sitting up


flicka when she was a youngin

Wolverine and Logan after I snatched them from a feeder bin. (Wolverine was 1 1/2 weeks old, and Logan was 2 1/2 weeks old.)

Larry my manx boy.

Younger Harry..before he went blind

my elderly biter girls. out of that group of 4, only 2 are still alive!


Skyler as an adult

baby Skyler

younger Carman, Olivia, and Madeline.

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My African Dwarf frog, Bud.

my Plecostamus, Mr.Suckey.

And lastly, my female Three toed box turtle, Tella:

Sorry if some of the pictures are so big, or if you have dial up!
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WOW!! You have a housefull That is so awesome you rescue your doggies. And I just love the weinie dogs they are all so precious. BTW-where did you find that spongebob sweater?? That is so adorable!!
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I got it from Walgreens for $5.99.

Thanks for the comments.
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Your doggy Lucy is adorable!!!
actually all your dogs are!
I have rats as well.Two females (mom and daughter) and a albino male (daddy). My male albino is MEAN! I dont handel him and he is to large to feed to my snakes so he sits by himself all day long.
Also...why must they have such large "undertools' as I call
I mean they hang to the floor!!! yuck! I like females better, I mean my TJ is the sweetest thing. I've had her since she was between hopper and weanling stage. I feed her milk from a gatorade cap for a while till she started eating rat food. now she is a mommy and is all grown up! she isnt a feeder and will never be a feeder.

anyways thanks for sharing those pics! you have a great looking family!!
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Wow, do all those animals live INSIDE your place? There must be alot of warm cuddles at night...there are a ton of doggies in your bed
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How fun you live on a farm! That pic with the ALL the dogs on the bed with Bubbles is just a GREAT pic!!! Poor blind Harry, is he old? Lucy looks just pure adorable in her spongebob sweater. Shes come a long way from when you found her starving on the streets! You have a bunch of adorable babes
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Wow, you have such adorable babies!!

Are you a doxie breeder?
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Never a dull moment at your house, I'm sure!
Those before pictures of Lucy just about made me cry. Thank goodness she found a loving home with you.
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OMG!!! That is nutz how many animals you got. I wish I had the resources to keep half the cuties you got. Take cares.
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Are you a doxie breeder?
I personally am not..but my mom used to.

Yes, everyone lives inside!
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