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Anyone here have Litter maids?

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As the title suggests, anyone here have a litter maid? How do you like them? The cats got to open an early Christmas present this year, a litter maid! I like it so far..usually I wake up, and the litter box in the kitchen (Where most of the cats go to the bathroom) is a mess!! We put the litter maid there, and i wake up and just dump the container..and its clean! No smelly mess, nothing. I love it so far!

I got a few pictures of the cats smelling it..they were obsessed with it:

The only thing I don't like, is its not very large. We are going to be getting the tent for it so the cats have privacy.
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I have one, and although I really liked it at first, I don't like it quite so much now. My FH tends to take care of the kitty box, and he's put too much litter into it... multiple times.

The scooping mechanism now makes horrible sounds when its trying to scoop. It did this at the beginning (as far as I know) but is much worse now when it can't get through the litter.

Does yours make horrible grinding noises??
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Yeah, mine does make that grinding sound. Another thing I don't like about it, is it doesn't get the smaller peices. It leaves those behind, and I still end up having to use the scoop. But I still do like how easy it is to clean, and that it does most of the work for me!
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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I'm a little late with this, but... we went through all sorts of trouble with two different LitterMaids over the course of a year or so, and we finally gave up on them. They're just not powerful enough to do the job, the rakes are difficult to clean, and their special disposal containers are a needless expense.

After much research and cogitation, we took a leap of faith and ordered the $300 Litter Robot -- and we LOVE it! It's well worth every penny -- a simple, straightforward design that gives our cats clean litter every time, frees us from scooping, and uses ordinary plastic bags from the grocery instead of expensive custom containers.

I highly recommend the Litter Robot -- go check it out at litter-robot.com!
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I have only had the littermaid for a week, and its a pain! I do more cleaning with the littermaid then i did with a regular cat box. I have to clean the rake ALL the time, and dump the recepticals twice a day. Instead of buying more and more trash recepticals..I use store plastic bags and line it with that, that way I don't have to buy anymore of them. So thats one thing I did that saved money. I also hate how it doesn't get the smaller peices. So this one is fine..but we don't want to get another one.

I definitely don't reccomend them for anyone with more than a couple cats.
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Try a Litter Robot! It gets EVERYTHING!
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well, i have 3 littermaids for 4 cats, & i LOVE having them! i'm single, & i think they really keep the smell down. i don't smell litterbox when i get home at night. i have to empty the containers about once a week most of the time, with periodic hand scooping/rake cleaning occasionally in between that - i have a 'corner' pee-er. i also line the containers with plastic bags, so i only have to change out containers when one starts to split. also, one of the boxes is less popular, & only needs emptying every couple of weeks or so. i definitely prefer them to the non-automated boxes, & i couldn't afford 3 litter robots, so i'll keep using the littermaids.
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I do like how even when I have the container to dump when i get home from a long day, I still don't smell anything. I put plastic store bags as liners for the plastic containers, and I dump those three times a day..it only takes 5 minutes though. I sometimes have to clean the rake a couple times a day. We have other litter boxes all over the house, but the cats barely use them anymore..lol. They all like using the littermaid.
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