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Poor Cuddles. She was dumped outside by her "owners". The neighbors took care of her, only to find out she is spayed, DECLAWED, & cat aggressive. They brought her in to the shelter here. She was miserable...would eat one day & then skip a week or so. She had whip worms, giardia, URI, pneumonia, & at some point received a nasty burn on her back. She had been treated 2x for the URI & pneumonia...and she was dehydrated. Cuddles was euthanized this am(12/14/06). They never even asked me as I would have so opposed it. I loved that kitty, even in the few weeks I knew her.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge where you'll get along with other kitties & be able to breathe without pain again!
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oh Cuddles

you were too good for this world.... RIP sweetheart, play happily at the bridge where you will never feel sadness nor pain again

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I'm so sorry but oh goodness was that baby suffering

Your safe and well over at the bridge now Cuddles, so have a wonderful time with all your new friends

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RIP Cuddles, poor sweet thing
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Poor Cuddles. Very sorry headbuts and tearful, sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Now you can rest from your pain.
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aww God Bless Little Cuddles...............she is in a safer place now

RIP sweet one, you can run and play and run and play as much as you want now, there is still love for you from below and your new fur-family are waiting to meet you
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RIP sweet Cuddles. You were loved.
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Like others have said, she is now in a better place.

R.I.P Cuddles, and have fun at the Bridge!
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Poor Fur child.
RIP little cuddles you were loved more than you were shown by your "owners"

I know your pain and feeling of loss. I wish your heart peace and understanding at this sad time.
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RIP peace cuddlescyou will be taken care of at RB!
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I'm so sorry.

Rest in peace, forever free, Cuddles.
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Oh Poor Cuddles

I am so sorry she had to go, poor little thing.

Play happily over the bridge sweety, you are loved
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Poor Cuddles You are well now baby Rest in Peace
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What a terrible life for such an innocent.
RIP Cuddles
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Godspeed over RB, Cuddles....If only you had been welcomed into a home that would have shown you the love and care that every cat deserves, even for just a moment. But I know that with the too few moments that you had with WhiteCatLover you knew true love. Play happily over RB with all our other TCS kitties, Sweet Princess!
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