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Request suggestions for charitable giving

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As I approach the end of the year I find that I have all my planned charitable giving fulfilled and still have some funds budgeted but not allocated. So, I’m asking for suggestions for worthy organizations I can give to. (Anything....not limited to animal welfare.) Please tell me a little bit about what the organization does and why you think I should support it. Also provide a link or other contact info. Thanks…..
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PLEASE consider donating to Saint Judes Cancer research!! It is for children who have Cancer.

Donate Now

Help save children like Jacob. There are many ways to support the lifesaving work at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Your donation makes a real difference. During the past three years, 85 percent of every dollar received by ALSAC/St. Jude has gone to the current or future needs of St. Jude.
St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility anywhere. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

We are where some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do more science, more quickly. Where doctors across the world send their toughest cases and most vulnerable patients. Where no one pays for treatment beyond what is covered by insurance, and those without insurance are never asked to pay. We've built America's 3rd-largest health-care charity, with a model that keeps the costs down and the funds flowing, so the science never stops.
All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family's ability to pay.
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I am in Canada so I am not sure what the charities are called there...But I support charities that work against violence and ones for underpriveleged children.

Good luck, and bless your heart for giving
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Habitat for Humanity www.habitat.org
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Dress for Success is one of my favorite charities.
They provide work appropriate clothing for poor women/welfare receipients going on job interviews, then a few outfits for when the job starts. It is a necessary expensive for bettering themselves and lack of funds holds them back. I give my clothes to them too.


I like too - you can choose exactly where you want your funds to go...and you are helping someone who is just barely making it, but trying (which I like).

I give the bulk of $ to Catholic Charities/Catholic Relief.

For any fund you consider donating to, please check first their rating:


I won't give funds to poorly run charities and/or ones that pay their COO $500,000 a year. Nope, they don't need my measly contribution.
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There is always Toys for Tots...
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Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll research them this weekend. Habitat is already on my list.

Are there any others?
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My personal pet charity (not animal pet, lol) is one I helped to found several years ago.


Click on About Us for the details on the org. It is a 501(c)3, and donations are tax deductable.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
There is always Toys for Tots...
I see that you have a motorcycle as your avatar. It is my understanding that the Hell's Angels are the ones that actually started TOYS FOR TOTS. So much for all those stupid fifties movies about bikers!
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heifer international. you buy an animal for a family in a third world country for milk, manure etc.
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The Coalition for Animal Justice is a 501 (c) (3) organization that is working for tougher animal cruelty laws. We monitor cruelty cases across the US and urge prosecutors and judges to impose the maximum sentence. We are working for a federal law that will impose a minimum 5 year prison sentence for anyone convicted of intentional cruelty to a companion animal. At present, most offenders don't get any jail time. There is much more info on our website

http://www.animal-justice.org Contact: advocate@animal-justice.org

We also have a charity drive called The Santa Claws Project. Donations are used to get toys, treats, comfy beds and other nice things for shelter animals. Donations for this are also tax deductible.

http://www.santaclaws.org Contact: admin@santaclaws.org

The Board of Directors is made up of TCS members.
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Blood water mission http://www.bloodwatermission.com/

Blood:Water Mission exists to promote clean blood and clean water efforts in Africa, tangibly reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic while addressing the underlying issues of poverty, injustice and oppression. Blood:Water Mission is building clean water wells, supporting medical facilities, and focusing on community and worldview transformation, both here in America and in Africa
or the Philippines Red Cross...typhoon Durian left a lot of damage:

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I'm a fan of www.childsplaycharity.org/ they provide toys for kids in hospitals. They also have amazon wish lists for everything that they need.
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Thanks for asking Tim....
I gave here....


Serving the Oglala Lakota Nation

The women's shelter could really use some help.
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Originally Posted by Persi View Post
I see that you have a motorcycle as your avatar. It is my understanding that the Hell's Angels are the ones that actually started TOYS FOR TOTS. So much for all those stupid fifties movies about bikers!
Although the Hells Angels support the organization, it was actually started by a Marine.

Q : How did this program start?
A : A Marine Corps reservist, Major Bill Hendricks, started Toys For Tots back in 1947. His wife Diane had crocheted a doll to give to an organization that donated toys to disadvantaged children during Christmas. However, there was not an organization in Los Angeles that distributed toys to disadvantaged children. Major Hendricks decided to gather all the Marines he could to help him collect and distribute toys to disadvantaged children. Toys for Tots was officially established a year later. That first year in Los Angeles , the Marines collected, and distributed about five thousand toys. Since then, we have collected and distributed more than 19 million toys to more than 9 million needy children across the nation.

More information on the program can be found at http://www.toysfortotsma.org/faq.php#q17
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Wow, Lei, I don't know what's on that Cangleska website, but I got a message about "performing an illegal operation" and then it crashed Firefox, which is a first. Does it work OK for you?
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That is a shame Tim...
it worked for me without a problem.
I use a Windows OS.


Here is a contact and a little info about them.
Would you please let her know about the issue that you had.
This could be important to their donation program.
I sent her an e-mail letting her know about your site access issue too.

"Cangleska, Inc. provides comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy and related services to citizens of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, living on and adjacent to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, located in southwestern south Dakota."

Cangleska, Inc. is a 1999 Innovations in American Government award winner, a program of the Ford Foundation and Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
PLEASE consider donating to Saint Judes Cancer research!! It is for children who have Cancer.

All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family's ability to pay.
I second St. Judes! I donate to them whenever I possibly can
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Would you please let her know about the issue that you had.
This could be important to their donation program.
Yes, for sure. I'll check it with IE first. It might be something peculiar to my computer.
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Let me know if that made a difference Tim.
They have added a lot of stuff that moves on their site including a small video....
maybe that is the problem.
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Lei - it works fine with IE. It may very well be that slide-show. Do you still want me to email them?
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I would appreciate it if you would Tim, just to let them know that their site does not work with Firefox.

I'm glad that your computer did not crash a 2nd time.
I would have felt really bad.

All of the causes in this thread look as though they are deserving of help...
there are so many needs out there.
I hope that everyone gives at least a little.
We can make a difference.

Have a wonderful holiday...
from my kitties to yours Tim.
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I would suggest donating to St. Jude, The Ronald Mc Donald House, or the Target House -all 3 of those organizations help terminally ill children and their families. / When my cousin lost her baby after only a few minutes following her birth- we took out a beautiful memorial type fund in her name at St. Jude - we knew that although our little angel wasn't here long- she would still make an incredable impact on this world- and she is doing so! We have had a lot of people donate to the memorial fund in her name.- all of the proceeds go directly to children with cancer/etc and they also help fund cancer research and other needed programs. It's absolutely amazing how many people they help
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If you are still looking for a charitible contribution, this is just one of many worthy options.

This is close to my heart because I came in contact with a little boy named Kyle who has leukemia this year when his puppy was stolen from the garage of our medical center. We got the puppy back from the dognappers after they tried to "sell" the puppy back to his mom. (No HIPPA violation...as mom released all of this info to the press,and it is on their family website link is below). My Department worked very hard to get the little dog named "Chemo" back to Kyle, and the look on that little boy's face was very rewarding. I will try and post a pic later from work if anyone would like to see it.

His family is going through a lot as Kyle has been sick for several years and has had had several relapses, they have since left San Francisco for Minnesota for a cord blood transplant and he is in remission but will have to stay there for a while until all of the tests are complete. The mom has her hands full, because his older brother was recently diagnosed with type one diabetes, and the family also has twin toddlers.


In addition, my other personal charities this year are;

Friends of the Redwood Empire http://www.faireonline.org/

Deaf Counselling And Referral Agency http://www.dcara.org/

Juvenile Diabetes Assochttp://www.jdrf.org/

Lindsay Wildlife Museum http://www.wildlife-museum.org/
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First, I’m extremely grateful to all persons on several boards who made suggestions. I’m sorry that I couldn’t choose them all. Giving is mostly an affair of the heart, and first I had to choose organizations that matched what’s in my heart to accomplish with my giving. Also I have certain financial stewardship criteria that I want an organization to meet. And there were some already on my list. So if your suggestion didn’t make my list it’s probably for one of those reasons. If you would like to know the specifics, please send me a pm.

These organizations were chosen for one-time end-of-year gifts:

Alley Cat Allies
Blood Water Mission
In Memory of Magic
Noah’s Ark
World Vision

I’m still waiting for further information from Kiva and from the Coalition for Animal Justice. I’m really interested in Kiva, but there’s no information on sending a cash donation on their website, and no response to my email. Perhaps I’ll consider becoming a lender next year.

These organizations are being considered for inclusion on my regular giving list for next 2007:

Blood Water Mission
In Memory of Magic
World Vision

Again, thank you all for your input into this process. It’s so good to know that so many people want to give of their resources for needs and causes deserving of their support.
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Excellent choices Tim.
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Looks like you chose your charities well. I go with my heart mostly but the financial stewardship thing has been on my mind lately especially in regards to the percentage of donations that go to the actual charity vs. the amount spent on other costs.
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Lakeriedog - I use mostly Charity Navigator and the organization's own Form 990, since Guidestar doesn't give out much info to free-service subscribers. Are there any other sources you use for financial stewardship info? Thanks.....
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