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What the?

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Hi everyone

My cats have started basically eating my gramma's bath mat. My sister's friend told her that it is because of a deficiency?

Any ideas?
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Sometimes those mats have a latex-type backing that drives the cats nuts. They just love to chew on it. You may want to check and see if those mats are it and change them to something that has no backing.
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Hmm I'm not sure what they are.. It's just one piece I think, rubber or something? I'll check in a bit though.
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It could very possibly be the plastic backing, but make sure you take this mat up, cats can develope blockages from non food ingested items. You need to watch your cats and notice any ill side effects from eating the rug, ie vomitting, lethargic and get them to a vet if anything unusual developes.
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Yes, I have been watching them.. Keeping an eye on the litter box too! lol
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Your cats may have Pica, which is a disorder in which animals like to eat non-edibable things (such as the bath matt). I suggest talking to your vet about this the next time you go Maybe your cat has an imbalance of something in their diet, or maybe, they might be just fine and have a liking to that material If that's the case- just keep it away from them so they can't ingest the material and develop complications such as a stomach blockage from it
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