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Trying out a new groomer Today

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Hi everyone,

Well, after several attempts to groom by beautiful Mainecoon, I gave up. I searched the web the other night for a groomer that I thought would be gentle with her. So out of a very long list I finally chose one. I dropped her off at 9:30am. They did have quite a few other doggies and kitties to groom today, so I'm hoping she will be done soon.

I've never used a groomer before. I'm a little worried. She really doesn't like being brushed...but she get's these terrible mats on her lower back, and I just can't bear trying to get them out and risk hurting her. My vet can get them out...but I didn't want to take her to the vet just for mats.

anyway...I Just wanted to talk about it a little, and this is the only place I know of where people wont think I'm nuts for obsessing about my cat.
Thanks all.
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I comb Prego everyday, but I still have to take him to the groomer every few months because he gets matts. I don't know about your area, but around here it practically impossible to find someone who will do cats. I have a good groomer now though.
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Finding a groomer for cats was not easy. I wish there were more groomers that just catered to cats. Abby (my mainecoon) she doesn't like being around other animals. She is a rescue...was feral, now domesticated.

I try to always run a brush through her hair every other day or so. but the mats start so deep sometimes, that they just form faster that what I can see until its too late.

I'm hoping the groomer calls me soon. I really want to bring her home now.
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I'm sure your pretty baby is just fine. They are usually much better for a professional groomer then they are for us! At least that is my experience!
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Does a zoom groom work on a long haired kittah?
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Well, I picked her up at about 4pm. They kept her all afternoon, cause they wanted her to get a feel for the place. Once she was a little more confortable, then they began grooming.

She fought them a bit. But they did get all the mats out. She looks soooooo much better. And she is acting like she feels better too.

You know, I think I'm just going to continue to take her to this groomer periodically just for maintenance. Since she wont let me groom her, then I'll let them do it. They were very gentle with her.

I'm so relieved.

So if anyone in California (they valley) is looking for a good cat groomer

Here is the address

Four Paws Only of Toluca Lake Incorporated
(818) 760-3366
10214 Riverside Dr
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Does a zoom groom work on a long haired kittah?
It will remove excess hair, but it won't prevent or remove tangles. For Prego, I comb him to make sure there's no matts, and then Zoom Groom him to take away excess hair so he doesn't get hairballs. Well, at least not as much.
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