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Yesterday's News and Litter Additives

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I just recently switched my cats from clay litter to Yesterdays news so far I like it a lot. the only problem I am having with it is it doesnt give anywhere near the odor control for solid wastes as the clay did. So I am now wondering about additives like arm and hammer type sprinkles. Has anyone had this same problem and if so how did you fix the problem?
I didn't even know if the additives would work with the yesterday's news or not.
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Anyone have any advice what do you guys put in your reagular litter to make it smell better? or are there any suggestions to just freshen the room like air fresheners or something?
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I never tried Yesterdays News since I didn't see how it could control smells. You might just want to switch litter. I like Nature's Miracle. There's hardly any smell with it (only when Gizmo lays a poo) and none whatever after she covers it up.
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I use a cheap clumping clay litter that isn't perfumed. I add Nature's Miracle litter treatment when I do a complete litter change. Between complete changes when I add more litter I add a little Arm and Hammer litter treatment.
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I've recently discovered Cats' Best by Oko Plus. It is unbelievably wonderful! Everything clumps and is very easy to lift out. There is no horrible ammonia liquid in the tray. It lasts forever. It's biodegradable and the most-used tray is in the bathroom, so when I smell a nasty, I just lift it out and put it down the toilet pan. I would never, ever want to use any other cat litter!!! (Why aren't they paying me for this????)

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I use yesterday's news, I bought a pet friendly carpet cleaning (the kind that foams up and you just leave it) and then once a week i pull up the litter box, and the litter matt and i spray this stuff down. Then, in about 5 minutes i put everything back. It works wonders for me, and i live in an apartment and i'm not bothered by any smells!

Hope that helps.
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If you have the space, try to provide 2 boxes per cat, plus one. They seem to prefer separate boxes, one for pee and one for poo, and that controls the smells problem. I use unscented clumping; I was using chicken laying-mash with some clumping litter; I really enjoyed the grain scent, but then my chickens got murdered by raccoons, and I haven't had the heart to go to the feedstore
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