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What's for lunch today everyone????

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What are you having for lunch today? I'm having some progresso "tomato rotini" soup, a naval orange, a piece of homemade buttermilk cornbread (Thanks mom!), and some vietnamese iced tea. What about the rest of you???
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I think I'm going to have chicken noodle soup I've been craving it since yesterday!
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oh well its gone 6pm here so we are just arranging to go out for a meal....... I fancy steak..........
lunch was a scabby sausage roll.........and a cold one YUK !!
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Leftover lasagna. Very cheesy and meaty! (No garlic bread, though. )
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Lunch was ages ago for me, but I had a jacket potato with cheese
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Beef Chowmain - was in the mood for Chinese ...
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Mini cheeseburgers left over from dinner last night.
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Chicken noodle soup for me with a side of crackers.
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pizza.....I've been fattening up with comfort foods for the last few weeks....
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Bean and cheese Burritos with LOTS of salsa. Yummers!
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tuna fish and probably an orange
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I had a turkey wrap with sprouts,tomatoes,and ranch dressing! And some pretzels!
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Mmmmmm! My boss just bought us all lunch! I am having a steak and cheese roll-up w/mushrooms, peppers and jack cheese!
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eggnog w nutmeg and a piece of almond shortbread. ack !!
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I had pizza pizza Don't tell..I am supposed to be eating healthy
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