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my little brat

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Well Buddy decided to give me a heart attack. He got out of the house and went missing for 2 days.
I thought something was weird when he wasnt following me into the bathroom lol but I thought that maybe he was just off somewhere sleeping because he likes to sleep in weird places like on top of shelves and places you can't see him. Later in the day I started to get worried and started checking around for him. I opened up the back door tonight to feed Pumkin and Moose and he was on a shelf in the porch (closed in). He ran inside as fast as he could. I guess he found out its not so fun to be an outside *cold* kitty. He has been following me around purring and has been getting lots of hugs and kisses. That is the first time he has been outside since he was a scared little feral kitten... I hope he doesn't start trying to run out the door every time its open now.

I don't know how he got out but it was probably my brother...he isn't as careful about watching them so they don't get out.
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awr, at least you got him back inside in the warm!
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So glad to read that little Buddy got smart and came back inside. And Buddy, stop worrying your meowmmy! Santa is watching
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OH Man, I'm glad he's back
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Well he got out again. I was in the bathroom and I hear MEW MEW MEW... thought...oh great kittens. So I kept calling to the "kitten" and opened up the crawl space door to under the house (not something I was really wanting to do because of our little visitor in the kitchen lol) and here comes Buddy running up like momma help with big puss n boots eyes. He jumped through there and was very happy to be inside again. Little brat what am I going to do with him. I don't know how he got out but it looks like I am going to have to have a little talk with my brother about being more careful.

Would it be safe to keep a break away collar on him? I don't want him getting lost if he does this again and someone keep him or take him to the shelter.
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