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Wet food switching

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I thought I read somewhere that it's ok to switch up wet food brands/flavors often without the mixing/adjustment period that you have to do with dry food. I'm wondering if this is true. We get 3 brands of cat food (wellness, innova, merriks) in a variety of flavors each month and give them half a can each night (so they get the same can 2 nights in a row), in addition to their dry food. They've been fine on this for the past couple weeks but this week poor Phoebe has thrown up twice (however, she does have a history of throwing up, and has bad allergies) and I wanted to make sure the wet food switching wasn't causing this.
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I'm not an expert but I doubt it's the switching of foods that is causing the problem. More likely it is one of Phoebe's allergies. Did you serve the same brand both nights or is there a common ingredient that may have made her sick?

I'm in the process of switching my cats to a better canned food myself and have been testing different brands. So far I've tried Nutro (they aren't crazy about it), Wellness (OK reaction), Merricks (love it) and Natural Balance (another winner). Someone threw up the first night of the experiment (served Wellness that night) but no problems since. I didn't see who got sick, just found it after being out of the room for a few minutes.
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Thanks, yeah, we mix in Natural Balance when the feed store has it but they're not always stocked. We'll check around the apartment and see if there's anything obvious triggering the allerigies. She normally throws up about once a week but it's been more frequent this week, but it could also be her eating too fast again.
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I would check all of them for a common ingrediant like chicken or flaxseed
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