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Wisdom tooth blues :-(

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Owie, owie, owie, owie, owie, OUCH!

Hi guys

One of my bottom widsom teeth has decided to finally show its face (I am 25!)
This is the first one that has cut the gums, and boy is it painful! Not super painful, but really uncomfortable. Everyone keeps telling me to get it pulled why? The last time I was at the dentist and they took x-rays, all the wisdom teeth looked good- I mean they were straight, and looked like there was plenty of room for them. I want to keep them, so I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or stories they can share with me? Please? Does anyone have their wisdom teeth? Did it hurt when they came in? and for ho long? Mine starting feeling sore this past weekend, and everyday it seems a bit more sore- but I looked back there, and all the tissue is nice and pink-no swelling or redness-- so I hope this pain is just the tooth cutting the gums, and I don't have to see an oral surgeon so please share your expreiences with me, so I can stop freeking out please
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Sorry, but I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. I don't know what miracle happened, but I had literally no pain or swelling. I even had to ask them to show me the teeth because it felt like they didn't do any work on me. My sister went the following year, and similar reaction - no pain or swelling.

I could be totally wrong, but don't they pull wisdom teeth because they are not as durable as regular teeth? I heard they don't last as long and that's why they're usually removed?

If they are coming in fine, and your dentist doesn't have a problem with them, then let nature take its course. Just remember that not every wisdom extraction procedure ends up being painful and scary!
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4 extraction and no pain! WOW!!!!!! I really need to go see the dentist I guess I hope they don't need to be pulled theres no way in the world I can afford it I just wish it would push its way through, and leave me alone it's really working my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!
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