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Home Page Advice

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Help!!! I started my home page at geocities about 2 years ago and I've just gone back in to give it a facelift. Now, I'm no web developer and I just wanted some advice as to how I could make my site better. I need advice on content, layout etc. - you can check out what I've done so far at[/url] but please don't be too ruthless!

Thanks in advance.....


PS. I don't have any fancy programs only MSFrontPage which I don't know a lot about
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I'm no web developer either, so I won't be of much help...but it looks great to me!! I love the little fairy in the beginning! I couldn't see the pics of Phoebe in the middle, just red x's, but that could just be my computer....but I did see the one of her towards the bottom.
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Thanks Debby,

That's interesting that you couldn't see the pics - I'll have to find out why that's happening! Did you click on the links at the bottom to see the two other pages?

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I didn't check out the other two pages, I was kinda short on time, but let me do that I'll see if I can see those pics of Phoebe that are in the middle this time.
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Thanks Debby, I'd appreciate that!
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Just went and looked....I still can't see the two pics of Phoebe. They are the ones just above the picture with the rainbow (which is beautiful by the way) I just see red x's for these two pics. It could just be my computer, like I said...but it is odd that I can see all the rest of them.

Went to the other two links, and could see all the pictures just fine! You wear your hair alot like I used to (the way it is in my avator) I don't have bangs straight across anymore, though, I wear it swooped off to the side now, but once in awhile I still do it the old way! I love that car!!! I have always wanted a Mustang!
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I looooooove Mustangs too! I've checked the price for one here and they're $85,000!!!!!! I don't think I'll ever own one in my lifetime. We booked the budget model rental car and got a free upgrade to that beasty Mustang - very nice to drive, we drove all around the Big Island.

Thanks for going back to check out my site - still don't know why they're not showing - my cousin in QLD just looked at it and pics are fine....

Thanks again,

(you be careful out on the roads - those truckies are animals!)
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Hopefully tomorrow someone else will check it out, and then we'll know for sure if it is just my computer or if other people can't see them either. All the other pics show up fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
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I think your page looks good. I can see all the pics just fine, on all three pages. Your wedding photos make me want to go to Hawaii.
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Thanks valanhb for taking the time to look at my site! Good to hear that you can see all the pics - I was worried for a while there.

Yes, Hawaii was beautiful and we can't wait to go back! We also hope to make it to the US mainland in a couple of years. My husband Tom has a cousin living in New York and we'd like to visit him and then head up to Winnapeg in Canada to visit his auntie. Hopefully we can organise a few days stopover in Hawaii on our way back!

Any advice on content for my first page - I didn't know what to put on the front page - do I talk about myself or what?

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I think the page is fine. If you wanted to "jazz" it up a little, a few more graphics wouldn't hurt, but I am a graphics nut! See for yourself...still under construction so all links don't work yet:

Your comments are welcome!!!

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Yes! You're site's great - I checked it out the other day. I wondered why I couldn't click on any of the country collectibles links (I'm a country style decorating freak!) Let us know when it's all set up.

Thanks for the advice!

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Thanks so much. I am currently working on the Country Collectibles and Photo Gallery pages and I hope to have them up by the weekend.

I too am a country freak! Primitives! Why don't you think about putting a page like that on your website? Links to your favorite places to shop for country collectibles, crafts, etc. Would be great!

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Well, I was thinking that I could make a page about our home renovation.

We bought our first home in March 2001 and have decorated it country style. The house was quite plain and boring (grey paint everywhere) but had a good country style about it that just needed to be showcased. My husband's a cabinetmaker so he put up a chair rail and we put textured paint below and a soft country musk colour on top. Tom also built some nice solid timber furniture (including our bed!) and we've also countryified the bathroom too with an old train luggage rack for towels etc. Anyway, as you can see we're right into it so perhaps we'll build some pages telling how we achieved the look and include lots of pics!

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Lisa, that's a great idea! Mike and I are getting ready to build a new home and I plan to have lots of photos of the house being built and also how it changes as we get settled in!

I posted some pics of Jedi on my website:

Go to the Photo Gallery and click the Jedi link! That's the only one working right now.

I really like your idea. Hope to see some pics soon!

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Absolutely Adorable!!!!! :tounge2:

What a cute little baby you have! I liked how you have the thumbnails on the side so you can view all picks then see closeups. Good to see that you're teaching computer skills early

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Yeah Jedi loves the PC. He cracks me up when he chases the cursor around the screen! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Do you use HTML or Javascript to build your pages?
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Well, it sounds like everyone can see the those two middle pictures just fine, so it must just be my computer, then. I wonder why? Sorry to have worried you, though!
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Lisa- I use HTML, Microsoft Frontpage 2002. If you want some HTML tips and pre-written code that you can add to your page, check out:

They have TONS of code for just about anything you'd like to add to your page. Have fun!
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Debby- Did you right click on the white square with the red X in the center and select Show Picture? Sometimes that will bring the file up for you.

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That didn't work either. My computer must be stubborn!
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