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cats & herpes

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Does anyone have any experience dealing with their cat having herpes? My wife and I have an 8yr old female who has had herpes since she was a kitten. This has left her over 50% blind which isnt really a problem for her......Lately she has been experiencing severe congestion and eye running. We took her to the vet who gave us an antibiotic which is useless for a virus but they said nothing can be done for herpes. They also gave us nose drops to help her congestion which is also useless if you saw the applicator and ever tried to stick somethng up a cats nose.....If anyone has some ideas to deal with herpes my wife and I would sure appreciate it. I hate to see this sweet girl suffer.
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I am glad to see that you and your wife took on a kitty with needs. Although Herpes is put into one class, there can be serveral forms and severities of it. It can lay dormant and then just pop up out of nowhere. As far as nose drops, I have had luck with the "little nose's" that you find at most drug stores. The dropper is large enough that you can drop it from a distance and it gets into the nostril. The other thing that I have found with personal experience and some tough cases, is that doxycycline will usually clear the runny eyes and nose with the herpes virus. They get a quarter tablet twice a day for 14 days and it's usually gone within the first week. We adopted 2 kittens years ago with a chronic herpes problem. We worked with the vet for months until we found something that worked.
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Can you be more specific about this "little noses" thing at the drug store?
Also I dont know if we could get this girl to take a tablet. She is the hardest cat I have ever experienced taking medicine. The antibiotic she is on now basically ends up on the floor because she spits it out. Its very frustrating because we just want to help her and she is fighting us all the way.
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The little noses are a brand of nasal drops for children. You can usually find it at wal-marts, targets, or k marts. It's for colds and allergies. The one that we use is for colds.
As far as the pills go, I would see about getting a pill gun. It's not really a gun, but a long tube you place the pill in and it gets it to the very back of the throat. You can also try this if she likes baby food. Get the turkey or chicken baby food, make sure there's no onion powder...mash the pill up and mix it in with a tablespoon of baby food, she may just eat it.
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