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Importent a seek cat

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Hello, I have a cat, 7.5 years old, since last friday he(cat) have problem with given pee.
on saturday i was taken him to the clinic, and the doctor there operate him and put him "Kateter" to make the pee out for 2 days.
after the doctor release the "Kateter" the cats only sleep at the side of the home, not moving to much, refuse eating at all and look very seek.
in the next day he was taked again to the clinic and now he takes anti-beautic twice a day.
there is another way to cure him becouse the cat is verry verry seek.

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Hello, I am sorry your cat is sick. But you are doing the right thing - you took him to the clinic and they gave him medicine for the infection. It is normal for it to take a few days to work and for him to feel uncomfortable. The only thing I would say is to make sure he gets enough to eat and drink - especially water. You can check if he has enough by pinching the skin at the back of his neck, lifting it a little and leaving it to see how long it takes to fall back flat. If it is longer that a couple of seconds he needs more liquid and you must get it into him, by using a feeding syringe if necessary. He will get more sick very quickly if he is dehydrated. Follow your vet's instructions, and I hope he will get better soon.
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It's important that you make sure your cat is peeing, too.
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