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Vacation anyone??

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Hey everyone!!

I havent been around in a little while... I've been really busy at work but I had the best news to tell you...

I finally got my raise!!! $3 extra an hour!! WOOHOO!

So, here's my plan... I'm going to save at least $100 out of every paycheck until my paid vacation comes up in July... by then I'll have at least $1700... So, I'm gonna take a vacation... I haven't had one in at least 3 years so I think it's about time... Especially to reward myself for making it through these last 3 years... as difficult as they have been...

So, here's where you all come in!!... I need ideas for where to take my 7 day vacation!!
What do you guys think! I know it's a little soon to be thinking about it.. but I'm so excited that I wanna get as many ideas as possible and plan it in advance...

Where have you all been on vacation? Where are the best places to go?? Where can I find the best deals for travel???

Any info or suggestions are very very welcome!
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San Diego is always a good choice - wonderful year-round weather and a great diversity in things to do. Same for San Francisco - each person will find his or her "own San Diego" If you wanted to do some touring, you could consider our area...check out www.395.com. July is hot, but once you get above 7,000 ft. it's very beautiful around here!
If you decide to go to San Diego or San Fran, maybe we could arrange a TCS meet-up
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Well, in July seeing that it's hot you will obviously want to go someplace where there is snow, right?
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I have always wanted to go to Anguilla..It is a beautiful Carribean country that is not commercialized at all. It is more expensive as you cannot get all inclusive deals there.. But it is peaceful and serene and breathtaking there.

Good luck with your decision!!
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I've been wanting to go to California to visit my best friend from High School... but I kinda wanted to take the week off and go on a cruise.. I'm just not sure where... I know it's gonna be extremely hot in August no matter where I go... maybe I can wait until the fall months.. iunno... I've never heard of Anguilla... I'm gonna start researching places...
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Hi Liza!...Is great to see you here again!

How about Mexico?.........Just kidding my friend,.....I thinks is so expensive to you..

It was a pleasure to see you here around!..
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