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People are wow

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Ok Willie has disapperaed as some of yinz no and well now I made postings online and someone emailed me about selling me kitties and dogs that his mom left him and I am in Pa and he is in Montana and well I just dont understand how people email some one a day after they make a posting for their lost cat about selling an animal to you, and he said I am not a breeder but there are puppies and kitties and 4 grown dogs! I understand he wants to get rid of them and everything but he is selling them and to people that have lost their pet?! My willie has been gone for 2 days now and I got an email sayign that it just makes me mad and if anything we would end up rescueing from either the place were we got willie or the place were we got the dogs or who knows with the computer now thats how we found stormie lol but its just too soon to even think of that, I just cant get over that someone emailed me and said sorry for your lost(those words) of your pet, I understand you know but it just blows my mind that someone really emailed me that non sense it is still early for willie its only been 2 days...sorry if i put this in the wrong forum feel free to move it to were it needs to go lol...Anyone ever have something like this happen to them.?.
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Sounds like the boy in Montana is very young or not very bright You poor thing - the not knowing, and the waiting, can be sheer torture! JC took a couple of extended vacations this summer - he rebels when my grandson goes away when vacation is over. This past time, Joey went around the house mrreowling for my grandson,and JC was so mad at me that he didn't want pets or anything - and then he escaped outside, was found 5 days later, quite a distance down the road from any settlement, hunting besides a creek. He was happy to be home again, but I have been keeping him at my mom's ever since (my DH is infamous for leaving doors open). But, oh, those 5 days were torture - I would go outside several times throughout the night to call JC, every night - my nerves were a wreck!
I hope that you find Willie soon!
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Yeah, some people are clueless. Like you going to say "yeah sure I'll get a new cat from you, who cares about my other cat who I love and am attached to"...DUH!!
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Yes, had that happen. People are just out there to sell anything to make money.

I had a posting back in October when we were looking to move, basically that said I'm looking for a house to rent. I specifically said "I'm looking to move either this town or that town" (some of the cities around here can be a little ehh and as stuck up as this sounds, I AM picky about where I live...)

Anyhoo, landlords were emailing me from all over...one even had a house 30 minutes away...the town is up-scale and the house was pricey, but still...I can't drive an hour to work. I barely have to the attention span to drive 30 minutes in traffic!!
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Well its day 3 still nothing except whole bunch of spam mail or junk mail and people emailing me stuff that I already know! I did get a phone call today but it wasnt my willie This is so hard, and people just email u trying to sell u a lot of things! U post something on a whole bunch of animal websites and half the emails I got didnt even deal with that !!
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