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Ok Bella starts to attack stormie so she can clean her, they do this way to much and usually when stormie wants to come lay with mommie and when i get done petting her its cleaning time on my legs haha this happened at 7 am as well. But I have noticed when Stormie starts to bite Bella she throws her paws (both of them) and I wannna say they are playing I hear no hissing or growling and well Bella growls in her sleep, any one elses kitties growl in their sleep lol...but anyways they are sitting her playing so Bella sits up and looks down at her and stormie is throwing her paws to play and Bella starts to follow her paws and bite them and then stormie will jump down and want to play but bella goes and lays down, Bella is just a litle weird although today she did cuddle with me and I did need it maybe she knew lol but about in an hour or so I will let them out to chase each other. Also another thing anyone elses cats that wont go downstairs, Stormie wont and Bella does but usually if she doesnt see me down there she comes right back up and I kno Stormie isnt afraid of the dogs like she acts because when they are up her she just walks right by them lol and I will carry her downstairs and shee will jump out of my arms and run right back upstairs lol! They are so cute when playing I just figured out how to record with my Digital Camera so I am trying to catch it, I didnt think of it 5 minutes ago lol, and of course we are done playing we needed a food break haha then its back to playing and I know I am tired and I hope I am able to sleep tonite !!! I just dont think Stormie will let me hahaha she never does ecspecially when I say its bedtime my mom tho told me to sleep with a light on which I cant hahaha and Stormie will get on mammas cage (the guniea pig) and look at the wall or the closet and meow???? she is too weird and confusing haha but she is just too dang cute and these cats could get away with murder from me hahaha !!!