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just testing...

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I got the idea to have an animated image next to my name.. soooo I'm just testing that out to see how that looks!
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In case anyone should wonder... the older one is Isabel and the younger one is Sarah.
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I LOVE it!! How did you do that??? I am so computer illiterate!!! :tounge2: I would love to have a picture of my favorite cat (Merlin) flash in and out with my pic.....not sure if I could figure out how to do it, though!!
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I used Paint Shop Pro 6's animation shop. I created two frames and set the time to change and also to repeat non stop.
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Wow...your are already way over my head!

Is paint shop a program you have? Or is it one of those sites you have to pay to use? And even if I figured out how to set the time to change and repeat, how do I get that from there to here?

Sorry....I am tired, and not thinking too straight tonight!!!
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Its a progam you can buy. I find it a lot of fun. There are better graphics prgrams but if you have patients you can do everything with this too. Its much more manual though.

If you like, you can send your pictures to me and I can make one the same as my animated gif. Its actually really easy and doesn't take much time at all.
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Wow! That IS cool!

P.S. I still don't even know how to post a picture in a thread. I think this is too advanced for me right now. But......I am impressed!
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Ghys...if an old dummy like me can finally figure out how to post her pics in a thread, then anybody can! :laughing:

Immortal flower, I can send you a copy of the pic of me that is posted on the left, and one of Merlin (but his would need to be cropped to just his head) if you will PM me with your e-mail addy!!! I'm not sure how this would owrk though, since you can't change my avator for me, only I can do that...so I don't know how I would do it and make them flash back and forth,...but maybe we can figure something out. Anne did the avator of me on the left, I didn't even do that one myself!! I'm bad at this stuff!! I only recently learned how to post pics in my threads.
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