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Silly Smudge

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That crazy kitten of mine thinks she's a parrot! She's taken to sitting on my shoulder regularly.

When I'm on my hands and knees cleaning the litter tray she leaps onto my back, then sits on my shoulder and peers over my shoulder to make sure I'm doing a good cleaning job

She will also leap onto my shoulder when I'm sitting down, and basically anytime where she can reach my back/shoulder.

She's a funny little thing
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Aww sounds cute, Sibohan does somthing similar, when I am typing on the computer she is always curled around my shoulders between me and the back of the chair. It's amazing the spaces they get into.
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Bagheera used to ride around on my shoulder. It got kinda hard when he was 7 lbs though.
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Aw, sweet little Smudge! Ginger is my shoulder riding kitty - and she likes being a kitty scarf too. Maybe when Smudge is a little bigger she'll be your kitty scarf too.
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My RB Shasta was a shoulder kitty when she was little. She loved to be up there while I was cooking.
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JC used to ride around on my shoulder, too! He just outgrew me And he used to love the litter-box cleaning!! Of course, as soon as Im finished, he's got to jump in and use it! And heaven forbid if another cat poos in his pee box
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Bijou has started doing that as well in the last couple months. I was trying to scrub the floor (on my hands and knees of course since that is the ONLY way to clean a floor) and he jumped on my back and stayed there. Any time any of us bend over he will get on our backs. At around 16 lbs., that's a bit of extra weight to carry around.
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Aww that sounds cute. None of mine like to ride on my shoulder but Bosco jumps on my back all the time...he uses me to get to the counter and stuff LOL.
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awr that sounds so sweet! Tab wouldn't ever do anything like that

please post some pics so we can see how cute she looks!!
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Awww Trouble my little stray likes getting on my shoulder. They are so cute when they are so lovey.
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That is adorable, I would melt if Trout did that
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That is soo cute!!! Ruger does the same thing to Colin and I He thinks he's a birdie too
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