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Where to put Trouts new cat bed??

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Well, a lovely friend of mine bought Trout her very own cat bed!!

My question is where should I put it? She hangs out in the livingroom with me during the day and at night..BUT she does sleep with me in the bed usually most of the overnight time..

So do I put the catbed in the bedroom? I'm thinking she'll just sleep in MY bed anyway..OR leave it in the livingroom, where she did just lay in it for an hour or so?

What do you all think?
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Living room!
She sleeps with you cause she loves you!
the bed would just be decoration in the bedroom
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Well, Davidson has his on the bar in the kitchen Its the only place he'll sleep on it.... I'll never understand but whatever!

I say you should put it in the living room!
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In the living room. My cats wont sleep on beds though. They either want the couch or to sleep on hard surfaces.
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Put her bed in the living room...lol...cuse you know she's gonna sleep in yours at night
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I agree put the bed in the living room since at night she sleeps with you.
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All of my cats beds are on our couch. They won't even give them a second look if they are on the floor in any other room or on any other piece of furniture.
They just sleep on them if they are on the couch. Don't ask me why, personally I think the couch is VERY uncomfortable. I slept on it once when honey was sick and snoring so loudly that I couldn't sleep at all in the same room. It was hard and yucky but the cats love it. SO, that's where the beds are, all three of them! LOL!
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My kits like to have their beds, or a folded blanket or towel, at the foot of my bed. They won't go in them anywhere else BTW, what a sweet friend to buy Trout a bed
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Alrighty, I am going to leave it in the living room then...If only I can find room for it
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I don't really think it matters, hehe

If she's like most other cats that have a "cat bed", she won't use it. Instead she will sleep with you in your bed and either on you or beside you in the living room
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