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totally impossible

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Today, Sarah was spayed. The vet said to me, "And make her take it easy, no running, no jumping, no rough playing, for 10-14 days." Now, she didn't seem to realize my cat has invisible springs in her paws and that to keep her from doing these things is impossible unless she is sedated that entire time!

Of course, as usual, I also have the cat who licks her stitches and is now wearing the fabulous fashionable "just got spayed" cat collar. Last time my other cat got spayed, I mentioned she was a licker and no one else said their cat had that problem. Now my OTHER cat gets spayed and she is a licker too! What luck I have.

How important do you guys feel it is for a cat to not jump around for those 10-14 days? Isabel was not quite as active as Sarah and she was fine acting as she usually would. There is NO WAY I could keep Sarah locked in the bathroom for 10-14 days. Its day one and she was already jumping around there all by herself.
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I would confine her for at least 24 hours and just watch the incision carefully. With her collar on she won't be pulling any stitches but there could be some drainage and she does need to take it easy. I usually confine my females for 24 hrs then watch to see how it goes and depending on how the cat acts, it depends on what I do. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!
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I'm glad Sarah doesn't mind the collar. She tried to get it off for about 30 seconds then seemed to say "oh well" and goes on as normal as possible.

Isabel was funny when she had to wear hears back in March. She would walk everywhere backwards. At that time I had my old cat and he would get scared and run.
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My younger cat seemed to take it easy for a few days after getting spayed (didn't jump too much, even if she did move around a lot otherwise), and after that starting behaving pretty much as normal. I thought it was a good sign, really, that she wasn't in pain, and as long as she didn't do anything that might have hurt the incision, I let her be. But I wouldn't have let her do any running around or jumping during those first few days, since those to me seem the most critical and need to be careful of the incision.

Btw, when she got spayed, I had to sew a "bodysuit" for her, since the vet said that often if there are other cats in the household, they may "help" clean the area and pull the stitches out even if the one that was spayed has a collar that prevents her from touching the incision area. And, to be honest, the body suit thing was a whole lot easier than a collar, it kept her from going at the incision, but didn't prevent her from doing everything else normally. The suit had to be of a material that would allow the wound to breathe, of course, and made so that the cat couldn't get to that area herself, or with the help of the other cat, and it worked great.
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I was actually thinking about that Isabel might start licking her too. I was thinking of maybe sticking a bandaid on her.
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