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Ever have a progressive lunch?

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Our office building had a progressive lunch today. There are 11 floors in the building and 9 of them participated (ground floor and the floor with the cafeteria declined). They had floors designated for appetizers, salads/sides, entree/breads and desserts.

We walked from floor to floor munching along the way or just continued to add to our plates until we couldn't carry anymore. It was hysterical - people were on one floor stocking up on goodies and bragging about stuff on other floors. At my first visit (as I'm munching on home made chinese dumplings and fresh salsa), someone mentions "jumbo shrimp on 11" and everyone runs up there. Up on 11, someone mentions "chocolate fountain on 5" and we make our way down there. On 5 it was "avoid 6, its good but overcrowded right now" - 6 had home baked hams and ribs.

I'm not one for progressive dinners, but this was actually quite fun! Got to meet a lot of people and sample an enormous amount of food. And the hallway banter about what goodies were on what floors was hysterical! By 2PM everyone had gone into a food coma and the office got really quiet.

Anyone do anything like this at your office?
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I would LOVE that!! I only have one floor at my work though..
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I've done them a few times before with my friends/family. They're fun
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I have never ever heard of that to tell you the truth. I bet it's a good time.
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That would be a real ball. We don't have enough floors to do it that way, but we could do it by department. Must put that bug in someone's ear for next year. Tomorrow is the official Christmas lunch, and then things start winding down, so there's no hope for this year, but I can certainly see our lot buying into that concept.
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I think that's wonderful!

I tried to organize something like that at work but it didn't go over well. So many people claimed to have forgotten, even with reminder signs all over the hospital including the wards, but that didn't stop anyone from stopping in for food! So it didn't last very long and it was a huge bust

I think those things are great so long as people participate in not only attending, but also contributing to it too.
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That's cool. It's like making a whole building a giant buffet table.
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I think that is a great idea! It sounds like it was a lot of fun, and filling
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That sounds like fantastic fun! A great way to meet the other people in your building too!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I have never ever heard of that to tell you the truth.
Same here but i like the sound of it
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
That's cool. It's like making a whole building a giant buffet table.
Exactly!! Some of the conference rooms with food were huge, with 3 or more large tables spread with food. Imagine 9 rooms with an average of 2 12 foot long tables worth of buffett!!
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I've never heard of that either, but I want to participate in one!
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I've heard of neighbourhood couples doing this for New Year's Eve. They start at one house with appetizers, continue to another's home for main course, then another for dessert. I've never done it but I think it would be a blast. The neighbourhood one works great because nobody has to drive home!
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We've done something kind of similar in our office. We have a day every year where everyone's invited to bring in a dish from their ethnic background. It was designed to promote diversity. Not everyone participates (in bringing stuff...though everyone seems to participate in eating). It's a lot of fun, and the same sort of stuff goes on "Did you try the eggrolls in Education?" "So-and-so brought his special baklava again this year."

There's also an "Iron Chef Competition" where people can submit their dishes to a panel of judges who determines the winner. I won two years ago! I got a special sign and got to park in our CEO's parking space for a week. (Of course the week was when our CEO was at a Board meeting, and I have to go to those so I wasn't able to actually do it. Instead, I let our community outreach committee raffle off the parking privledges as a fundraiser for a local women's shelter. )
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We're having yet another potluck tomorrow (just our floor) and I was trying to talk them into doing an ethnic potluck. A guy that works with us makes the best baklava that I've ever had (and I used to frequent Greek town in Chicago), and I don't make a bad Polish spread if you ask me (Kapusta). But *sigh*, no one would take me up on it.

Chicagoans are just so much more ethnically inclined. Doesn't have the same appeal in Kansas City! I miss it sometimes....
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